Win a European river cruise with CroisiEurope in April 2020

November 2019 Prize Draw

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copyright Laurens LindhoutThis month we have a superb 5-night cruise for two from CroisiEurope, on Ijsselmeer, one of the largest lakes in the Netherlands, in the heart of authentic towns and villages. You’ll be able to visit historical monuments, such as a 17th century mill and old fishing ports. And if you like cheese, especially Edam and Gouda, you might enjoy a trip to a museum dedicated to it in Alkmaar! There’s a chance to meet clogmakers too, who use traditional methods to make the comfortable wooden footwear. Explore Amsterdam on the canal boats or by bike: the absolutely authentic way to experience this marvellous city, with its relaxed atmosphere, interesting buildings, narrow canal houses, charming bridges and outstanding museums. There’s the chance to cycle around the friendly town of Hoorn too, it has a welcoming character. April is a perfect time to visit the magnificent Keukenhof Garden, the largest flower gardens in the world, with over 7 million bulbs (not just tulips) planted each year in 79 acres. Feast your eyes on a magical array of colours in a peaceful setting, with attractive trees too, creating an enchanting environment. 

MS Monet - dining roomCroisiEurope are renown for the fine dining on their cruises, true French cuisine is in abundance, and drinks are included with all meals as well as at the bar. A welcome cocktail evening starts your cruise, and on the final night a superb Gala dinner brings your voyage to a close.  In the lounge and bar, free wifi is provided. On excursions, headsets are provided so you hear the guides with ease. 

The prize winner and their partner will share a cabin on a fine river cruise ship. A real European treat is in store.

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Other Members' Thoughts - 224 Comment(s)

  • twirlywhirly
    3 months ago
    ooh sounds amazing have happily shared posts from facebook,would be a wonderful experience.
    Good luck to everyone
  • Percycat
    3 months ago
    This looks like an amazing trip - I would love to visit The Netherlands
  • iwent
    3 months ago
    I see now that the 695 are people who "found this feature helpful", and it was 220 comments/entrants. My chances suddenly got bigger. Hooray!
  • iwent
    3 months ago
    Wow, 695 entrants for this wonderful competition. Still, it's such a wonderful-looking holiday, and it only takes one chance to win, so I'm hoping it'll be me. I could take my special person with me, and then write up a review of our experience, to share it with those 695 others. Here goes nothing.
  • link
    3 months ago
    What a super prize!
  • eeee
    3 months ago
    Great prize - good luck to everyone who has commented
  • carowood
    3 months ago
    Oh Wow, I want to do this cruise.
  • Lynsi
    3 months ago
    Such a unique and fabulous prize.
  • tiger2
    3 months ago
    A wonderful prize. I would love to return to Amsterdam, my one and only visit was far too short.
  • Iris-Radford
    3 months ago
    What a fabulous prize! never been to Holland but it sounds (and looks) amazing. Definitely will be looking to go in 2020 as part of my husband an I's Golden Wedding celebration.
  • whitbyranger
    3 months ago
    I always enjoy a trip to Amsterdam. It is such a compact city with a vibrant ambience. There is something for everybody.
  • DJM
    3 months ago
    Just fantastic. Can't beat cruising! Luxury on the dead and a new view everyday !
  • Bigfella
    3 months ago
    Sounds like a pretty comprehensive Dutch experience
  • PMG
    3 months ago
    Seeing the flowers in bloom and gardens in Amsterdam would be memorable and a cruise too ! Fab.
  • pzmaid
    3 months ago
    Visited Amsterdam a few years ago but unfortunately just a bit too late for the April Blooms. Would be brilliant.
  • Ian-T
    3 months ago
    I love cruising!
  • Crssc2
    3 months ago
    Hooked on cruising now and competitions!
  • SilverTravelUser_564
    3 months ago
    lovely prize
  • Babs37
    3 months ago
    I do wish to win this prize as I cannot afford holidays being a Disabled Senior Citizen. As I have never been on a cruise this will be a wonderful experience for me and especially during April as this is the month of my Birthday. This will be a wonderful Birthday Present!
  • Dannydog
    3 months ago
    Would love to revisit Amsterdam and a cruise would be a first
  • jillaroo
    3 months ago
    So much to see in this cruise, fresh air, the joy of water, fresh air, contrast between city, countryside and park, simply love the whole idea!

    Max Bygraves I will never forget you, tulips from Amsterdam forever.
  • Nagmom
    3 months ago
    Would love to visit Amsterdam my son has visited 3 times and says its an amazing place to visit
  • prettyxcool
    3 months ago
    Sounds like an amazing experience!
  • djkk
    3 months ago
  • sackm
    3 months ago
    This was be a great treat for 2020.