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Silver Travel Book ClubWe know you love travelling, and we also know that many Silver Travellers are just as passionate about books. So what could be better than combining both? 

One of our regular writers, Andrew Morris, has introduced us to TripFiction, a wonderful website focusing on books with a strong sense of place, allowing you to see a location through an author's eyes.  

Andrew MorrisImagine reading Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises as you sip a cold beer in a Pamplona street, just before the running of the bulls for the Festival of San Fermin. Or Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile, as you slowly wend your own way through Egypt, waiting for the dinner gong on board a cruise booked with one of Silver Travel Advisor's trusted partners. Or perhaps you just want to explore exotic Italy from the comfort of your own armchair, following the devious antics of The Talented Mr. Ripley through the pages of Patricia Highsmith's psychological thriller. 

Each month, we'll find out what Andrew is reading .and the location he's visiting. You can join him and - thanks to TripFiction and their publishing contacts - two lucky Silver Travel Book Club readers can even win a free copy of the book. 

Andrew's Book of the Month

Rosanna Ley - The Little Theatre by the SeaThis month Andrew is reading Rosanna Ley's latest novel The Little Theatre by the Sea. The author whisks you off to sunny Sardinia, with an enchanting tale of intrigue and romance, whilst immersed in local food, wine and culture. And travelling with Silver Travel Advisor partner Sardatur Holidays, Andrew is planning to visit sunny Sardinia to follow in the footsteps of Rosanna's principal character, interior designer Faye.  

AlgheroHe will visit the real town that becomes fictional Deriu in the novel, the location of the mystery-laden Little Theatre by the Sea. He'll visit the walled Catalan city of Alghero, which Faye explores with her father on a road-trip while they both mark time at important times in their lives. And he'll force himself to try some of the Sardinian food and wine that Faye enjoys whilst working on the historic theatre. 

We’d love to know about your own adventures in Sardinia. Join the Forum thread and the best entries will win a copy of Little Theatre by the Sea. We have two to give away.

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Other Members' Thoughts - 11 Comment(s)

  • SilverMarie
    2 days ago
    Thank you, Riverside Rouge - I will keep my eyes peeled! Andrew - I will check out TF. What a great way to plan for a trip. It beats packing!! My son will be doing a couple of months with a Chinese owned logistics firm. Can't wait, but has to pass his finals first... :)
  • AndrewMorris
    2 days ago
    Hello Silver Travel Book Clubbers

    I’m off to Sardinia in June, to follow in the footsteps of Rosanna Ley’s character Faye from The Little Theatre by the Sea, the first Silver Travel Book club of the month.

    Thanks to Silver Travel partner Sardatur Holidays, I’ll be staying on the west coast of this beautiful island and close to unspoiled Bosa, the town that was the inspiration for Rosanna’s fictional village of Deriu. It’s here where Faye helps with the restoration of the village’s old theatre, and uncovers secrets from the past that nobody could have foreseen.

    I will try to bring some of Faye’s story to life for you, meeting some of the people from this pastel-coloured village on the river Temo, immersing myself in the area’s history culture, food and wine, just as Faye did.

    Join me on this literary journey….the essence of TripFiction

  • AndrewMorris
    12 days ago
    @SilverMarie - is the place to go for books to transport you to UK & Singapore ahead of your trip. Just sign up and search the TF database for books to help you see those exotic locations through an author's eyes.

    Other Silver Travellers are probably better qualified to give ideas on art & poetry etc., but I'll put my creative thinking cap on too.

    What a great trip to look forward to this summer. What is your son doing in HK?

  • Riversiderouge
    13 days ago
    Well Silvermarie, I have no knowledge of Hong Kong, other than the experiences of my late brother who spent the biggest part of his national service in Hong Kong with the Royal Artillery. History tells us that his job was to repel refugees and asylum seekers from crossing from mainland China. From what he told me though, he seemed to spend most of his time entertaining the native female population!

    I'm not at all sure that this is any use to you in understanding the place better, but if you come across a local with european features, say hello from their Uncle Riversiderouge!!!!
  • SilverMarie
    13 days ago
    Hello all! I am heading to Hong Kong and Singapore this summer to travel a little with my son who will be finishing up an internship in Hong Kong. I have no connections with the area and only a limited knowledge of the history, so would like to get up to speed with the culture but not in a dry way - it would be fantastic to get Silver Traveller recommendations of books, art, poetry or whatever you feel will give me a sense of the place. Thank you in advance!
  • AndrewMorris
    19 days ago
    @Claire_S - where did you spend your disappointing weekend break in Sardinia? What a shame! It's such a beautiful island with a rich history and multiple influences, you really must go back. I've been to Alghero, a really interesting Catalan port on the west coast - with incredible food - but I'm really looking forward to exploring more places in Sardinia, in the footsteps of the book's character, and reporting back to Silver Travellers. Hopefully, I'll have some ideas to help give you a better experience next time...

    @Riversiderouge - I haven't read The Island yet, but I can imagine a trip to Spinalonga Island would be a very moving experience. Victoria Hislop does vast research for her books, and captures places and history really well, doesn't she? I loved learning about Thessaloniki's tumultuous history through her characters in The Thread. I don't think she has strayed far from Greece in her novels yet, but perhaps she might one day...

  • Claire_S
    19 days ago
    The only time I went to Sardinia was for a weekend break which turned out to be extremely disappointing, so it would be great to discover Sardinia through this book - it might inspire us to try again!
  • Riversiderouge
    27 days ago
    I enjoyed reading "The Island" by Victoria Hislop, based on the Leper Colony on Spinalonga Island in Crete.
  • AndrewMorris
    28 days ago
    Thanks for the encouraging feedback @Geoff....we hope plenty of others love the Silver Travel Book Club too!

    Did you enjoy Thessaloniki? A friend lent me The Thread before going there, and it really helped us to understand the city's history better. I even tweeted Victoria Hislop when we were there, to ask where one of the churches in the book were.

    The essence of TripFiction and exactly why we set up the Silver Travel Book Club.
  • Geoff
    28 days ago
    Just a brilliant idea. It is great to get a sense of a place when you're preparing for a trip, and even more fun to identify the places once you're there. I've done that with a couple of Victoria Hislop's books, The Thread particularly.
    Looking forward to reading more and getting the recommendations.
    Enjoy Sardinia.
  • AndrewMorris
    about 1 month ago
    Well...are we right about Silver Travellers loving books as much as travel?

    Welcome to the first adventure for the Silver Travel Book Club.

    Rosanna Ley's The Little Theatre by the Sea takes us to Sardinia, where newly qualified interior designer Faye is hired to restore the beautiful - but sadly now crumbling - old theatre in Deriu. It turns out to hold some rather interesting secrets...

    Where have you been in Sardinia, and what captivated you most? The two best entries on this forum thread will each win a hardback copy of the book, and we can follow in Faye's Sardinian footsteps together.

    Looking forward to loads more adventures with you and the Silver Travel Book Club. Where would you like to go next?