Communicating more effectively with the Silver Travel market


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Silver Travel Training

One day Interactive Communications Workshop

How does your marketing team see the over 50s?

Silver Travel Training

Do they really understand what a very fragmented audience they are?

Are you missing out on a market worth over £200 billion – by untargeted marketing communications?

There are over 23.6 million people aged 50 years and over in the UK, over a third of the total population. Someone in the UK turns 50 every 40 seconds. It’s the UK’s biggest single and fastest growing demographic.

BUT it’s a generation that refuses to be typecast or stereotyped

Are you accurately targeting all the different groups of over 50 consumers in your campaigns?

They’re not what you think …

  • They’re sexy
  • They’re time rich and asset rich
  • They’re recession-resistant
  • They’re not stereotypical
  • They’re your best chance of growing your business

Come and learn how you can increase your share of this highly lucrative market.

Silver Travel Advisor offers a lively and entertaining interactive workshop led by one of the country’s leading experts in marketing to older audiences.

The interactive sessions will inform, educate, energise and excite marketing professionals about the importance of this market, its fragmented nature and its enormous potential.

Marketers will come away with a better understanding of what these audiences think, how they buy and how to reach them more effectively. Click here to see a sample workshop programme.

To find out more please contact Jane Silk on 07788 438736 [email protected]

Silver Travel Training
Silver Travel Training
Silver Travel Training

170 people found this feature helpful

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