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People join the Silver Travel Advisor Forum to debate different subjects, to get advice on all types of travel and to share experiences. These guidelines are to keep the Forum enjoyable for all the members and guests who visit. The guidelines are simple and based on common sense and respect for others and may be updated from time to time. Please read them before you start posting on the Silver Travel Advisor Forum. We rely on your help to enforce these guidelines. If you see something on the site that you have cause to believe shouldn’t be there, please bring it our attention by using the report function on that post.

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Sending a Private message to a Moderator

Your Moderators are Barrowman, Fossil and Coolonespa.  You can click those names to send them a private message. Or you can find one of them on any of the Forum’s pages and click on their Preferred Name e.g. Barrowman.  Click on “Send Private Message” and complete your message.

1. The anonymity of Forums sometimes leads people to write things they wouldn't say in a face-to face-conversation. Please remain civil and refrain from personal attacks on other posters. 

  • Personal attacks and offensive comments will be removed and will result in the suspension of your account. These include but aren't limited to:
  • Profanity and other vulgar, obscene, and sexually suggestive and/or explicit language (no matter how creative the spelling)
  • Attacks on an individual or group's race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual preference, political or religious beliefs, or physical characteristics
  • Inflammatory material or references

2.  Commercial postings (including links by advertisers to business emails and commercial sites) aren't allowed without the express permission of the Forum Moderators and will be removed. Posting advertisements without the express permission of the Forum Moderators will result in the suspension of your account. If you see advertising, you may notify the Moderators by sending a Private Message to them.

3.  The copying and pasting of Copyright material is strictly prohibited. You are welcome to put a link to it, but please don't copy and paste its content in the Forums. Include a small explanation to make it easy for fellow members to decide whether or not the content is of interest to them.

4.  Posting under multiple identities or Member Names is seen as monopolising the Forums and is not allowed. If you are found to be monopolising the boards, your account will be temporarily suspended or permanently closed.

5.  Trolls (or troll feeders) are not allowed. Trolls are posters who comment or post just to provoke a reaction. If you suspect someone is a troll, alert the Moderators by sending them a Private Message.

6.  The Moderators have the final word in removing questionable posts and users. Threads that question or refer to closures made by the Moderators will be closed or removed. Moderators have the right to, but are not obligated to, monitor disputes between members.

7.  If you feel that a thread, comment, or user was removed in error, send a Private Message to the Moderators. Please note that due to the high volume of messages Moderators cannot respond to every complaint but will respond to you in a timely manner.

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