Getting started in our Forum

To post in our forums you must sign up for an account.  It's free and we only ask the bare minimum of information.  Once you've done that you can post on an existing thread or start your own. 

See our posting guidelines to find useful information about the content of your posts.  Posting your message is simple.  You can pick an existing thread by browsing, or you can choose a particular topic then click the button "Start new thread" which appears just above the list of threads.  If you're starting a new thread you must give it a title.  If you're replying to an existing one just read through the thread, scroll to the bottom and you can add your own reply.  Once you're done, click Submit. You can format your post using the buttons above where you're entering the text.  To see what your post will look like before you submit it, click the Preview icon in the toolbar which is the small camera shaped button just above where you write.  

Within a post you can drag-and-drop images from your computer.  You can use any size, but up to 900px wide works best.  You can add a "smiley" or an "emoticon" to your post by clicking the smiley face button on the toolbar.  You can mention another user by name by typing an "@" and then their name - that user will receive an email telling them they've been mentioned.  Once you've submitted your post you have a few minutes to edit it - your own posts will have an edit icon which looks like a pencil on their right hand side (on a computer) or below them (on a mobile phone).  

Next to each post you'll also find a Report button - it's an exclamation mark.  Click this and fill in the form to report a post to a moderator.  

Next to the report icon is a Bookmark button.  Click this on any post to mark the post so you can jump back to it in future.  If you bookmark a post on a thread then when you view that thread next time you'll jump straight to that post.

You can watch a thread which will add it to your watch list and also send you an email whenever anyone posts to it.  You can also hide a thread by clicking the Hide button at the top of each thread - use this option if the thread doesn't interest you and you don't want to be troubled by seeing it again.

If you're logged in when you view threads then the system will show you when a thread has a new post on it, by putting a "New" link next to the thread name.  Combined with the "Active Threads" button this makes a great way to follow all the posts that are happening on the forum.  Click "Active Threads" and you'll see a list of all the most recent threads with "New" next to the title of ones you've not yet read.  Simply click "New" on each one that interests you.

You can see lists of threads - for example ones you've posted to, ones you've watched or bookmarked by using the buttons at the top of most forum pages.

You can also send a message to any other forum user.  The message is delivered directly to the email account they used to register, but they won't see your email address and you won't see theirs.  They can even reply and their message will be delivered to you, still without either party seeing the other's email address.  

Lastly, take a look at the various customisation options for the forum by clicking the My Account button at the top of any page, then clicking Forum Preferences.

Remember that if you violate our posting guidelines a moderator might elect to edit or delete your post.  By using our forums you agree to our Terms of Use.  Additionally, when you post you retain the copyright to what you write, but you grant us the right to publish it in this and any other form, now and at any time in the future.  

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