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Review: RHS Garden Rosemoor

Attraction - Park & Garden

Great Torrington, United Kingdom

Part 3 - Meadows, Stream Garden, Fruit and Vegetable Gardens

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  • April 2019
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Beyond the Formal Garden is an open area of meadow which is gradually being restored to wild flower meadows. The area was seeded with the semi parasitic Yellow Rattle which helps weaken the grasses. Bulbs have been planted along with wild flowers. The meadows are cut in August and the grass left of a few days to allow any remaining wild flower seeds to fall. Close cutting then continues until the grass stops growing in the winter.

A small stream originating in the woodland above Lady Anne’s Garden has been channeled through a series of small cascades and pools to form the stream garden. The stream has been landscaped with small bridges and rocks to form a very attractive bog garden, with Gunnera, Skunk Cabbage, Marsh Marigolds and other water loving plants.

The stream flows into a lake which was created to form an irrigation reservoir for the gardens.

Beyond the stream is the orchard planted with old fashioned varieties of fruit trees, including cider apples, that were one common through out Devon and the South West. As well as looking colourful, the wild flower meadows also encourage pollinating insects.

The fruit and vegetable garden is sheltered by south and west facing stone walls which provide ideal conditions for growing peaches, nectarines and figs. Glass screens are placed in front of the peaches and nectarines in November until the end of May, to protect against peach leaf curl. This is caused by a fungus and the spores are dispersed by rain.

Apples are trained along wires surrounding the fruit beds.

Map of the gardens

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23 people found this review helpful

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