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Review: Bergen


Bergen, Norway

A changed city

  • By SilverTraveller bogaclod

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  • March 2019
  • Wife

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I spent two weeks in Bergen with a Norwegian family in 1974 and thought hen what a beautiful and interesting city it was with the Hanseatic quay and hat was then a very genuine fish market serving serving the local population with a great variety of seafood.In many ways it was completely unspoilt with small restaurants and shops. The man places of interest were then, as they are now, the mountains surrounding the city and the different ways onto access the tops by funicular nd in those days I could to the top! I remember even then a pint of beer was about £2 when it was the equivalent of five shillings in Newcastle. Much of the seafood in the market was alive and ready to be chosen by the public. On the way back to our accommodation a live crab escaped from a gentleman at the back of the bus and scuttled down the aisle! But there was no escape for this unfortunate crustacean. Even in those days many Norwegians were ble to speak English. The North Cape ferries then we’re genuine small coasters that serviced the small communities up to the North Cape.

I was in Bergen for a week about a month ago and much has changed as it has everywhere with more people wanting to travel to other countries. There is still much to enjoy but in probably a more sophisticated way with great facilities as tourism is important in Norway but they still retain their unique pride in their national identity They really are the most delightful, friendly and helpful people in Europe. The food is great of course and the old fish market now has been developed in a gourmets heaven of caviar, lobster,crab and the best oysters I’ve tasted outside of France. Many places to see and visit it’s great local transport links to place of interest. So go there and enjoy. Everyone has their own highlight but to visit Trollhaugen and see here where Edvard Grieg lived and composed was a privilege and to listen to his music being played in the concert hall next to his house was a very moving experience.

21 people found this review helpful

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  • jaxb
    4 months ago
    The”new” international terminal at Bergen airport is a huge improvement, now a decent gateway to this city and country