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Review: Hastings


Hastings, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Battle of Hastings 1067

  • By SilverTraveller Goodwin

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  • October 2008
  • Wife

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Battle of Hastings 1067? Yes, that is right. On October 14th 1066 a battle took place in a field about 7 miles inland from Hastings, between William, Duke of Normandy, and Harold, King of England, exhausted , as were his troops, after marching South from the Battle of Stamford Bridge. King Harold was killed when a Norman arrow pierced his eye, and then his troops fled in terror. William celebrated his victory by building an Abbey, around which a town grew up, which was named Battle. So, in 1066 there was the Battle of Battle. The jubilant Duke William marched with his troops to London, now without a king, and was crowned King William (the First) in Westminster Abbey.

However, the citizens of Hastings had other ideas!…In 1067 they staged a rebellion against the new King William, so that he and his troops had to march back down south, resulting in a battle in Hastings, with the citizens being forced to give in.

Today, the citizens will willingly give in to you , willingly, freely, lavishly with their warm hospitality. Indeed, Hastings is brimming over with things to delight and entertain you, both young and old, from cricket (County Cricket Week) to caves (vast network of caves, with many prehistoric drawings on the walls,as at the Caves of Lascaux, France) to churches (including a parish church with a stream running through the church and out again, forming a natural baptistry) to castle (built by King William to keep the unruly citizens in order!) to cafes (and restaurants) to suit every pocket! to crabs and cockles on the beautiful beaches.

20 people found this review helpful

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  • sandra_42
    11 months ago
    Battle worth a visit too. Abbey and battlefield atmospheric and we stayed in an English Heritage cottage on the battlefield.