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Review: North Cyprus with RSD Travel

Escorted Tour - Coach

Famagusta/Kyrenia, Cyprus

RSD holiday cultural tour?

  • By SilverTraveller Lizb

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  • November 2017
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RSD holiday cultural tour?? November 2017 I have never been on such an awful holiday as this one. They sell the holiday as being worth £949, for one week I paid £149+199 for single supp+90 for Nov+99 food=£537. I have checked and a well known company is selling southern Cyprus next April in really quality accommodation with no single supp cheaper than this, hire a car and see the sites. For this holiday you will not receive your tickets until 2 weeks before departure and although we rang RSD the day before, they said allocation of hotel was on arrival. After a journey to the airport that began at 7.45am, 2 abortive landings 3 other airport landings we landed in Ercan, by the time we arrived at our hotel it was midnight, they had prepared food which was very welcome, suitcases arrived in rooms around 1.30am/2am that’s a lot of travel time! We had little choice over the food supplement as the hotel was miles out on a lovely beach, a good quality hotel but nothing much around us. Then began the tours, a lot of time on the coach with very little at the end of it, very memorable was golden beach, very lovely if you can overlook the mass of broken glass, lumps of wood and iron bars in the car park left over from the buildings they knocked down. Salamis, Bellapais, Famagusta and Kyrenia are worth a look but again lots of coach time. For our move to the second hotel the guide told us we needed to be on the coach with our suitcase by 7.30am, after travelling for a while we arrived at the “carpet warehouse” you will spend a minimum of 2 hours here with only a short visit to Famagusta. One day we fitted in a visit to a leather outlet (not too hard sell) and then a jewellery factory which was very hard sell, they will offer to clean a piece of your jewellery and take forever to return it and keep insisting that they will find you a piece you will buy, you just have to keep saying you do not want to buy, a horrible experience. The guide will try to sell you an additional day of sites, five days on this merry go round is quite enough, they do not like you refusing. Our last hotel was not a 4* but close enough to Kyrenia to finally have some relaxation and enjoyment. Finally we were told to be up at 2.30am on the Saturday morning, going to the airport at 3.45am (this was a 6.5 holiday) not 8 as advertised, arrived at Gatwick around 4pm. You are then treated to a long queue outside Ercan airport whilst you wait to put your baggage through airport control. When you arrive in Turkey your bags are removed from the plane and you take your belongings with you. You then go through the whole airport control again and finally you take off. Did I mention that Freebird airlines are something else, check what people say about them. The ordinary people of NC are warm and friendly, this holiday company is doing them a disservice by selling this holiday in this manner. It’s not a holiday it’s a route march with very little time to relax and enjoy your surroundings, the cultural sites are less than average.

66 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 6 Comment(s)

  • Scottish-Lady
    over 2 years ago
    Totally agree with all that has been said,but, prior to our first trip we read up review on this site which gave us information to avoid the extra packages. In Cyprus we did the same refusedthe food packages and had room service at the hotel outside Farmagusta, it was hot food and a reasonable cost. The hotel at Kyrenia did not do room service but had an "a la carte " restaurants which was more like a cafe the food there was freshly cooked and a reasonable cost. If you keep walking and make your way out of the sale rooms there is alway a cafe at the end. The guides are never happy if you do this but we just ignore them also take our own kettle and a small snack supply, and always find a supermarket to buy cheap water or take purification tablets. The travel arrangements are a bit at the last minute so we book somewhere near Gatwick Manchester or Heathrow to explore before we head of as we travel from Scotland we know the date of travel but not the time but always manage to get cheap hotels and trains as we book ahead. It is like everything else you get what you pay for and if you refuse all meal packages and extra trips it is a cheap holiday ,but, had it not been for the reviews on this site we would not have known all this. Happy Travels
  • ESW
    over 2 years ago
    Thank you for being so honest - as so many other people must also have been caught out by this company.
  • Lizb
    over 2 years ago
    Lizb again, RSD have adverts in papers and magazines and my friend and I thought this would be a nice November break, they also produce attractive leaflets selling the holidays. In the end this was not a particularly cheap holiday and I guess the saying "if it seems too good to be true it probably is". I have unsubscribed on the email but this does not stop them mailing you. I have never written a poor review before but this was our experience of this company.
  • ESW
    over 2 years ago
    Thinking about your review - I seem to remember this company heavily advertised very cheap trips to Turley a few years ago. It sounds as by the time you've added on all the extras that they are not such good value after all. I hate the shopping experience and especially the hard sell. It can really spoil a holiday.
  • ESW
    over 2 years ago
    This does not sound a good holidqy. What made you choose to go with RSD rather than another company?
  • discerning-traveller
    over 2 years ago
    Goodness, what a dreadful experience . What a shame for you but good of you to pass on this warning.