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Review: Andante Travels

Escorted Tour - Sailing

Southampton Road, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 3HT, United Kingdom

The cruise that never was

  • By SilverTraveller Amy

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  • October 2017
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Some 18 months ago we booked to travel on Andante’s Gulet cruise around the Cyclades with the archaeologist Rita Roussos. We liked the idea of her speciality in women in ancient Greece. We were assured we could travel from Manchester.

A year later, six months before departure, Andante had not booked our flights, despite our suggesting they did so as Easyjet book up to 11 months ahead. After a series of email and phone exchanges Andante finally admitted they could not get the flights. It was suggested we change to an earlier tour, very much our second choice, fly to Santorini in the evening and, meet the rest of the party late. This meant we incurred extra cost of travelling through Heathrow on our return. Nevertheless we agreed. We had been looking forward to the holiday for over a year. We had bought deck shoes, archaeology and other books recommended by Andante.

After we paid our balance, we were informed that the plan had to change yet again, meaning we had to travel to Heathrow, stay overnight, fly to Kos, take a ferry to Bodrum in Turkey, and an overnight journey back to Santorini, where we should have started the tour in the first place. This meant our taking an extra day to travel and rearranging taxis, and other things at home yet again.

Finally, we were packed and ready to go, when with less than 2 days notice we received a call to say Andante did not have a boat at all ! We were offered a land based tour, which we declined and asked for our money back – which we received. We booked another trip immediately with a more dependable company, expecting on our return some sort of apology, or gesture from Andante for all the messing about we had experienced. Nothing. I wrote to the sales department, to the sales manager and emailed the subscriptions sector, all to no avail. I wrote to the managing director, and received a reply from customer services who confessed they understood why we would hesitate to travel with them “again” !

We did not find out what the archaeologists or the tour guides were like, but the organisation leaves far too much to be desired.

54 people found this review helpful

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  • HMJ
    over 2 years ago
    How disappointing - next time might be worth looking for a Silver Travel partner to book with.