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Review: Turkish Airlines


Never fly with Turkish Airlines / Never visit Turkey

  • By SilverTraveller Star

    1 review

  • March 2017
  • Heathrow
  • Cairo
  • Solo
  • Economy

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I missed my connection flight at Istanbul Airport. The gate was not shown on the screen on arrival and there was no announcement. I was not aware of the fact that Turkey has summer time all year long. I went to the gate after it was closed and was told to go to the International Transfer Desk. I was told to wait aside till a charge is determined for getting me the next flight. Whilst waiting, I saw several passengers having the same problems all complaining and one elderly man having an argument with the staff who dealt with me, and nearly hit him with his walking stick. It was after about 15 minutes, and with the staff in the glass cordoned area next to this desk looking at me above the glass, that I was told to pay €156. I explained that the gate was not shown on the screen on arrival and there was no announcement. I had the figure then revised down to €100. I explained that I did not have Euros and was told to go and change money from the hall upstairs. I had my boarding pass stamped to allow me to go through the security gate. I went through the long corridor looking for the gate without luck and came back. I offered to pay the €100 by credit card and the staff who dealt with me said that the charge will need to be paid in cash and if I were to pay by card, it will be the higher charge of €156. I went, passed through security, obtained the Euros with receipts, passed through security again, paid the €100 and got a new boarding pass. On coming back, I submitted a complaint on line to ask for consideration to get this charge cancelled. I was told that the re-booked flight was made free of charge for my satisfaction. This showed that the uniformed Turkish Airlines staff at Istanbul Airport put the money into their pocket and documented that the re-booking was free of charge. This explained why they insisted on cash, refused credit card and did not provide a receipt for the payment they took. It also showed a corruption ring operating at the airport between those sitting at the desk and those in the glass cordoned area next to it. I replied that this was not true. I had to pay and provided the money exchange receipts. I asked for the closed circuit TV footage to be examined. The reply was total denial. I contacted the company’s office in London and they were rude and unhelpful. I emailed the Chairman, the Chief Executive, the Managing Director and all Board Members without a single reply. This showed that corruption goes higher in Turkish Airlines. I contacted the Turkish Consulate and they told me to put my experience on social media. I emailed the Minister for Aviation, the Minister for Trade, the Prime Minister and the President without a single reply. This showed what Turkey stands for.

116 people found this review helpful

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  • Ian.Waugh
    about 4 years ago
    I've flown Turkish quite a lot (as can be seen from reviews) and mostly positive - however, if I had that type of experience then I'd be taking the same view as 'Star' ... as it happens I now try to use Lufthansa via Frankfurt for my particular final destination (Baku) that is also covered by Turkish. I did almost get caught out with this time difference thing on a previous flight (and mentioned it in my posting) - I was taking my time from my mobile phone which told me one thing and happened to notice the time displayed at the bottom of the departures board was one hour ahead of what my 'phone told me - and I got to the gate just in time (really JUST in time).
    It's clear from Star's experience that, as stated, this was a 'cash in the pocket' transaction which was bad enough without all the passing thru/back/thru etc of security to add to the hastle.