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Review: Jet Airways


Leaving on a jet plane - with a Kit Kat

  • By SilverTraveller HMJ

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  • January 2017
  • New Delhi
  • Jodhpur
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As well as using the low-cost airlines, SpiceJet and IndiGo, for our domestic flights we also flew Jet Airways three times.

Delhi to Jodhpur – 28 December
There was a long queue at the check in desk, but having confirmed we had an airline membership (British Airways), our guide moved us to a shorter queue at premier check in – a good result, although I suspect it was somewhat unethical. We boarded our 11.35am flight and although we were in row 14, we were near the back as it was a relatively small plane. It was cramped in terms of headroom and legroom and made worse because the seats in front didn’t stay in the upright position and kept flopping back. We were served a cardboard box containing a small bottle of water, bread roll (chicken or vegetarian) and tiny Kit Kat. There wasn’t much chicken and the vegetarian filling was an oily tomato sauce with sweetcorn – but it was complimentary. Our 95-minute flight arrived 30 minutes late for some unknown reason, but when we arrived at Jodhpur we found a lovely looking, tiny airport

Khajuraho to Varanasi – 12 January
At the very quiet airport, we were checked in by a delightful young man who promised us three seats to ourselves. The flight was on time and as promised, we had three seats to ourselves as the flight was pretty empty. Although it was scheduled to be 50-minute flight, the pilot announced it was 30 minutes and in view of the short flight time, we were served a triple decker sandwich wrapped in Clingfilm (filling unknown, but perhaps cream cheese), a small bottle of water and a Kit Kat.

Kolkata to Jorhat – 15 January
We boarded our 10.30am flight in good time and pushed back ahead of schedule which was good news as this was our only flight with a deadline at the end. We’d realised on looking at our tickets we’d be touching down in Guwahati before heading on to Jorhat. On board Roy found his seat wouldn’t stay in the upright position but was told we’d be moved after take-off. We hoped for an upgrade to business class but unfortunately, it was only a few rows forward. We were quickly served a snack of a veg or non-veg hot wrap and our chicken wrap was spicy and came with a small bottle of water and the ubiquitous Kit Kat.

The flight landed at Guwahati at 11.45am and most of the passengers got off. We expected the new passengers to board quickly, but eventually discovered that the plane wasn’t due to take off again until 1.15pm. So we settled down to wait with Sudoku and the Kindle. At the scheduled time of departure, the pilot announced we were waiting for a connecting flight from Delhi and it would only be five minutes. Hmmm . . . the plane eventually landed, the few passengers got on board and we set off 30 minutes late.

We were served a second snack, of sweetcorn in rose marie sauce in a stodgy bun, with yet another bottle of water and Kit Kat. We landed 14 minutes late.
Jet Airways’ website describes it as “India’s premier international airline which provides you with one of the finest experiences across the skies. Our high standards of service and reliability, efficient operations and focus on innovation has enabled us become one of India’s favourite domestic and international airline”. We didn’t find this to be the case!

For the discerning-traveller, the pitch is 30 and width 17.

154 people found this review helpful

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  • HMJ
    over 4 years ago
    I think they must do, but to be honest you can't go wrong with a Kit Kat - they were much better than the sandwiches!
  • ESW
    over 4 years ago
    Do they have shares in Kit Kat too?