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Mountain View, United States

Bad experience with Vayama

  • By SilverTraveller ManoshP

    1 review

  • January 2016

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I am posting this here to know if I can get any refund of my tickets that I could not use.

Though Vayama gave me better deal for the tickets, their customer service is very bad. I booked three round tickets (booking no: LN2TJ2) for my family (me , wife and kid) from SFO to Kochi. Due to medical emergency my wife and kid had to travel early than the booked tickets. Vayama did not allow me to cancel the tickets with any refund. Also did not allow to prepond the tickets with lesser rescheduling charge than the ticket charge at that time. So I had to book new one-way ticket for my wife and kid from SFO to Kochi. I had repeatedly asked customer care executive if my wife and kid can use the return ticket in the first booked one if they are using different ticket for travel. They said yes. That is why I did not reserve any return ticket for my wife and kid for return. I travelled with the original ticket to Kochi.

But later Emirates, the airlines, suspended the return ticket of my wife and kid. Vayama did not inform me anything regarding this via mail or phone. On previous day of my return only I came to know that Emirates airline suspended return ticket of my wife and kid. When I contacted Vayama they said, this return ticket for my wife and kid is still valid to use. They did not even check with airlines. When I insisted Vayama to contact airlines only, they came to know that the tickets were suspended. They did not help me to get those return tickets available again for me, but simply said, tickets cannot be used. Due to this I had to again book new tickets for my wife and kid from Kochi to SFO.

Vayama customer care executives misguided me two times. First they said return ticket can be used even if its not used for travel. Secondly, after the airlines suspended the return tickets, they said the return ticket was still valid to use. Also they did not inform me any change that happened in the ticket status. Due to that I had to go through panic situation of searching for tickets for my wife and kid a few hours before my travel. And had to book new tickets.

I would never recommend Vayama for booking flight tickets. Go and book tickets in Airline’s website directly.

89 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 2 Comment(s)

  • Ian.Waugh
    over 4 years ago
    Yes ESW - my own experience (with another airline) is as you say ...if you don't use the first leg then they somehow assume you won't be coming back, and they cancel the flight. As a number of airlines offer much better pricing for return flights than two singles I can see where they're coming from - so you do (as you say) need to be sure about your terms and conditions. Having said that - I'd have checked the difference in price by booking direct rather than going for the (apparently less cost) option.

    Question for ManoshP - have you checked your travel insurance, which might well cover having to cancel/amend flights due to a medical emergency (but which probably won't cover for bad advice from Vayama).
  • ESW
    over 4 years ago
    Why did you choose Vayama? A quick google search reveals they do not get very good reviews...

    What did their terms and conditions say about changing tickets? I was under the impressin that airlines will automatically cancel a return ticket if the passenger does not use the outward bound ticket, which is what Emirates did