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Review: Cultural experiences in Costa Rica

Escorted Tour - Coach

Costa Rica

Chocolate, coffee and culture in Costa Rica

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  • August 2016
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Our wildlife adventure holiday with ‘Explore’ was more than fauna, flora, and activities – there was a cultural theme too.

A visit to a chocolate tour at La Tirimba was on the itinerary. I expected a factory, like Cadburys – but this was totally different! Our tour guide led us across a suspension bridge and through the tropical forest to a clearing, where a semi-circle of tiered seats overlooked a large wooden table and various implements. We were told that cocoa originated from Central America, where it was valued by the Aztec and Mayan people, before it was discovered by Europeans and came to Europe. We were shown the artisan process by which the cacao fruit is transformed into chocolate. There was opportunity for hands on helping, and everyone had a taste of the finished product.

A visit to a local farm, which had supplemented coffee growing with tourism was another opportunity to find out about the country. We were greeted by the owner and invited into the farm kitchen. There was a range of local ingredients on a large table, and we were shown how to combine them to make our lunch, which was wrapped in a large leaf, tied with string and put to boil in water. While the meal was cooking, we went to look at the coffee bushes, and were shown how coffee was grown, harvested, and dried before being sent to a co-operatives for sale. Back at the farmhouse we tried different coffees and were told that the best are kept for local consumption.
Our meal was next and having prepared it, we felt duty bound to eat it so we didn’t offend the farmer! This wasn’t a problem -it was surprisingly tasty! Finally, children from a local school came and gave us a demonstration of traditional dancing. The girls were beautifully dressed in flounced, colourful skirts and the boys smart with plastered down hair.

Other cultural experiences were visiting ancient ruins in the jungle, then going to a museum which explained further their origins. At the museum, we were not left to wander on our own, our ‘explore’ guide took us round to bring our attention to various exhibits.

Our last cultural experience was litter picking on the beach in the Tortuguero National park. We looked to see how objects from other, modern cultures were harming the environment.

30 people found this review helpful

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  • ESW
    about 3 years ago
    Reading all your different reviews, you holiday just gets better and better. It sounds a wonderful experience.