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Review: My InterRail

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Exciting InterRail journey in Europe with a senior rail pass

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  • September 2016

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Andrew and myself won an amazing My InterRail holiday for up to 15 days with 5 days of inter rail journeys with the Silver Travel monthly competition. We have written up a diary (in the Dodo travel log also won from Silver Travel) which is on the My InterRail website which you can read but an overview is here. The book I took with me on the trip was the Silver Travel one, To Oldly Go, which worked well with short chapters to read at stations!

We were very excited as we boarded Eurostar to Paris and transferred onto the high speed train to Dijon, travelling 1st class throughout our holiday which was a luxurious experience, with lots of room on the train for our luggage and ourselves, and we were often lucky enough to both have window seats so we could admire the countryside, with a small table between us for the drink and snack that was usually provided on the trip.

Dijon was a wonderful old city stop which could easily be explored on foot, and had some interesting mustard food shops and other foods to sample. It made a good day out exploring before we travelled the next day via Lausanne to Milan. We loved Lausanne for the 3 hours that we explored, storing our luggage easily on the platform in one large left luggage container (if you wish to do this take 10 Swiss Franc note out with you, which you can change into change at the station).

The next day exploring Milan, the Cathedral is amazing so allow plenty of time to go up on the Terraces to see the view and explore the roof area. We travelled on inter rail every other day which worked well, and our next stop was the unique Venice, when we spent the extra time before we could get into our accommodation on a vaporetto seeing Venice from the water which is a wonderful view. I had a painting at home of Venice by my cousin, so we found the exact spot where it was painted and matched up the view, and two gondolas came just as we took the photo, so it matched the painting almost exactly!

The weather was fantastically sunny the whole holiday, and we enjoyed another lovely train trip to Innsbruck through the mountains, and the day at Innsbruck was spent climbing and taking the cable car up to the top peak – fantastic views over the Alps!

Leaving Innsbruck we inter railed for the 2nd time on the holiday through Switzerland, and the views were magnificent as we went up river valleys through the mountains, back through France to Paris which was our last stop to take in the European Heritage week-end when the monuments are open for free, before we returned back to the UK.

We thoroughly recommend inter rail as you see snapshots of the countryside as you travel, through France, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria like a speeded up Grand Tour, with a day off every other one to explore a different city and its art and food culture.

Read the Food and Art diary in full here.

49 people found this review helpful

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  • Geoff
    over 3 years ago
    The trip sounds really excellent and I like your route! Something to try when I've a bit more time.