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Review: Titan Travel

Travel Service - Tour Operator/Travel Provider

Crossoak Lane, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 5EX, United Kingdom

Door to door luxury

  • By SilverTraveller ESW

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  • August 2016

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This was the first time I’d used Titan Travel for a holiday. It was the start of the summer holidays and daughter and family were away, leaving me free of grandparenting commitments. It was too good an opportunity to miss. I found that many tour companies don’t go away in the school holidays and the choice was a limited for the specific dates that I wanted. This was the only holiday I found for the dates I wanted which appealed to me – Sights of the Southern Rhine, booked through Titan Travel on the A Rosa Viva.

I don’t drive and it was the first time I’d done something like this since husband died last year. I needed to rebuild my confidence and Titan’s door to door service seemed to be the answer. I knew that once I locked my door I would be their responsibility until they brought me back home.

I used the phone to book the holiday rather than the internet as I like the personal contact and find the way they respond to phone calls is a good indication of how caring a company is. I always have a series of questions too, as I like to be very clear in my own mind exactly what is happening and how things work.

Titan have a free phone number and calls were always answered promptly. Initial contact was good and I liked the way I was dealt with on the phone. I was given detailed information about the boat and dress code on board. I discussed the different cabin options and how the door to door pick up worked. Knowing it was a mid morning sailing on the ferry from Dover I discussed the options to book an overnight stop for the night before. I was happy to go ahead and book.

Although I spoke to different people at different times before the holiday, they always pulled up my details quickly and knew about any special requirements. Everyone was approachable and helpful. Questions were answered patiently and in detail. At no time was I made to feel a nuisance or foolish. They knew the product they were selling and I felt I was dealing with a company who were genuinely wanting to get things right for me.

I always received paper copies as well as emails – I am of the generation that likes things on paper. Paperwork was sent out within a few days and was always accurate. This may sound like stating the obvious, but unfortunately isn’t always the case. Mistakes do happen. I was also kept up to date with any changes to the itinerary.

The door to door transport worked well. We had been asked to just take one suitcase per passenger (dimensions given) apart from hand luggage, as there would not be space in the vehicle for additional cases. There wasn’t.

The holiday was carefully planned and went smoothly. There were 26 in the group. The youngest was mid 60s and the eldest late 80s. We had a dedicated Titan rep on the boat with us.

As an organisation I was impressed by Titan and their product. The home pick up was the main selling point for me and made everything so easy. The average age of the group was high – probably mid 70s-80. Everyone I spoke to said the home pickup was one of the main reasons they had booked with Titan.

The holiday wasn’t cheap as the package was all inclusive with drinks and all excursions included as well as the home transport. We had the usual selection of Moaning Minnies in the group, often about minor things which didn’t matter. I had little patience when one complained the cobble stones in Strasbourg made her feet ache when she was wearing light summer sandals… There were a few things which I felt could have been improved, but these were in the detail rather than with Titan itself. I was very pleased with my holiday and I would be happy to use them again.

I was picked up in a six seater people carrier and was the last person to be picked up. The car was a few minutes early. I wasn’t over impressed by the driver on the outward journey who was a bit terse and not very chatty. He gather he had taken the scenic detour around East Yorkshire from Bridlington to Beverley before picking me up and also took the long way round to the A1 at Newark, via the M180 and M18 rather than the quicker route via Lincoln. We had one stop for coffee after 90 minutes at McDonalds at Markham Moor.

He wasn’t the smoothest of drivers being a bit heavy on the accelerator and breaking hard. He mentioned another break just before the Dartford Crossing but there were road works on the roundabout and he missed the turn. He continued over the bridge and put his foot down. There was no further talk of a break, but to be fair none of us asked for one. I think by then we all wanted to get to the hotel as quickly as possible. It had been four hours without a break.

I had been booked into the Hythe Imperial Hotel.
We were to be picked up at 7.15 next morning and Titan had arranged for the hotel to open the restaurant at 6.30 for the three Titan guests to have an early breakfast. Full marks to Titan for that.

We were picked up from the hotel by coach and taken to Folkestone where we should have had tea and coffee before going onto the ferry terminal at Dover. After the delays the previous weekend, it was decided to miss the tea and coffee and travel straight to Dover. We also had two Titan Reps on board to deal with any problems. There were no delays at immigration so we had a long wait for our ferry.

My main criticism here was that the coach driver was last to arrive on the car deck after arriving at Calais which meant that everyone was standing waiting to be let into the coach. A black mark.

It was a five to six hour journey across Belgium to the A-Rosa Viva at Cologne. We made one short toilet stop at a service station in Belgium. The Titan reps provided a packed lunch and bottles of water for us. Much appreciated and a tick.

We were later arriving in Cologne than planned and the coach driver got lost trying to find A-Rosa Viva. We arrived 30 minutes after it was scheduled to sail. The two Titan reps left us here.

It had been a long journey with only a short stop. It would have been better if Titan had booked us on an earlier ferry. Those people who had travelled down that morning found it a very long day. I was thankful I’d had an overnight stay.

We had our own dedicated Titan tour manager on A-Rosa Viva. He gave us a daily briefing along with the International Hostess on the boat. He also accompanied us on all the included shore excursions.

We didn’t see much of him on board during the day and he didn’t mingle with the group, talk much to people or help establish a group identity. On a personal level I found him entertaining and knowledgeable but I was aware that many of the group didn’t warm to him or find him particularly helpful. He could also be garrulous and didn’t always know/realise when to stop talking.

In conversation he told me that he also went as a lecturer on large cruise ships and enjoyed this work. I got the impression he may have preferred this to the responsibilities of a tour manager.

It was an early departure from A-Rosa Viva by coach back to Calais. Luggage was taken to the coach and we were asked to identify our suitcase before it was loaded onto the coach. There were two drivers and the the Titan tour manager accompanied us back to UK. No lunch or water were provided this time and we were advised to purchase a packed lunch from the A-Rosa Viva. We had a 30 minute stop at a service area in Belgium. Immigration at Calais was quick.

Again the coach driver was last to arrive at the car deck once we had docked, leaving everyone standing beside the coach waiting for him to arrive.

We were taken to the Grand Hotel (not so grand now) for tea or coffee before the onward journey home.

There were about 15 cars or people carriers waiting at the hotel along with a Titan rep who organised suitcases into cars and introduced us to our driver.

This was a lot better than the outward journey. He was a better driver and much friendlier. Traffic was light and we made excellent time. We stopped for a break at the service area on the A14 to the west of Cambridge. This was a very nice place with good toilets and a wide choice of eating places.

He also took the direct route back to Scunthorpe from Newark via Lincoln and I got home earlier than I’d expected. It was a positive ending to a good holiday.


239 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 4 Comment(s)

  • Su
    almost 2 years ago
    We travelled with Saga, who I think are connected with Titan. We were so impressed with them. The accommodation was amazing, the itinerary so detailed. The other travellers were very young at heart, and mostly fit! As the itinerary in Sri Lanka was demanding! Looking forward to South Africa with Saga next February!
  • P-J-Birchington
    about 5 years ago
    Hi Eleanor
    Have just worked out how to reply as only joined Silver Traveller yesterday. I enjoyed reading all your comprehensive reviews.
    I have looked at Riviera, Saga & Emerald regarding river cruises. I fancy doing the Rhine as the first one as I did a short cruise of the Rhine with my parents over 60 years ago!! The boats must have changed since then! I am not sure if I can bring myself to try Saga- despite my age!!- and every time I try Riviera & Emerald it seems very expensive for 8 days and I go back to ocean cruising!
    Regarding Sicily with Riviera I thought it was excellent. There were 49 of us on the tour- 3 single ladies (me included) , a family of 4 and the rest couples. Ages ranged from 18 to one gentleman in his late 80s but mainly in their 60s. Most had chosen this tour to find out about the sights and history of Sicily and were knowledgeable. The rep was good if a bit dipsy!
    Organisation was very good from the flight to Catania, the travel in Sicily and the choice of hotels. I was especially pleased with my room allocation - much better than many couples- as only a small single supplement. The people on the tour were very friendly and although I spent some time with the 2 single ladies I did sit with couples most times.
    I can thoroughly recommend Riviera and will book with them again. They have recently started doing holidays for singles but the dates don't always fit.
    Minnis Bay is probably not much different to how you remember it. It is still a lovely family beach with a few but good facilities. The coastguard cottages are still there. My 2 grandsons who live in London love coming here. I live right by the sea and sit in bed looking at the sea and the boats etc. I wouldn't live anywhere else!!
    Thank you again for replying. Will persevere with river cruises!!
  • ESW
    about 5 years ago
    Thank you. I always try and write a detailed review answering all the questions someone else may want to know.

    Titan were good and it was interesting that the average age was high.
  • discerning-traveller
    about 5 years ago
    This an excellent review. Thanks, ESW. A good endorsement for Titan travel.