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Review: Travel Photographer of the Year

Attraction - Exhibition

Stockwell Street, London, SE10 9BD, United Kingdom

Inspiration for both the traveller and photographer

  • By SilverTraveller HMJ

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  • August 2016
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Having read the article by Andrew Morris on the Travel Photographer of the Year exhibition, it sounded worth visiting, but as I’m on the verge of completing a Summer Photography Course with the Walthamstow and District Photographic Society, it was a must.

The competition, now in its 12th year, has moved its exhibition to the University of Greenwich which even though I live in London, is a bit of a hike by tube and DLR. However, it was worth it.

At 10.30am on a Tuesday morning, the well-laid out, well-lit gallery was pretty empty and it was lovely to walk around virtually on my own.

There are a number of categories for both portfolios of four photographs and single shots. All the categories, winners and photographs are shown on their website so if you can’t make Greenwich, you can still see the images.

As well as colour images, a number were in black and white (there is a separate category for monochrome) and it was good to see that they’re keeping up with the times by having a category for a photo taken on a smartphone or ipad.

We were encouraged to vote for our favourite photograph and if you made a donation (suggested value £1), you were entered into a draw for a holiday. A board showed the top ten photographs as voted for the previous day. In number 1 was a rather stunning shot purple with the Northern Lights.

My favourite images were those highly commended in the People and Cultures portfolio and taken in Burma of young novice nuns in vibrant red and pink outfits by Sue O’Connell from the UK.

As well as appreciating the photographs, after my course, I was now fascinated by the technical data attached to each one: the f stop, shutter speed and ISO and it took me around 90 minutes to view the whole exhibition and buy a book of the photographs (£9.95) although post cards and greetings cards of some of the images are also available.

There were also two huge maps on the walls and on one you were encouraged to put a pin on the country you were from, and on the other, the country you’d like to visit. It would appear that most visitors were from the UK and that the country on most wish lists is New Zealand.

The exhibition space has good facilities: lift, small café and loos (including disabled).
Just in case you’re interested, the portfolio categories for 2016 are (1) Mankind, (2) Land, Sea, Sky, (3) Journeys and Adventures, whilst the single image categories are (1) Wildlife and Nature, Shaped by Light and (3) Cities.

50 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 3 Comment(s)

  • ESW
    over 4 years ago
    I don't like the over use of photoshop and some people really do go over the top with it and the pictures just don't look natural. I mainly use it for light/darkness balance, especially when photographing inside churches when there may be so little light.

    The camera belonged to Michael and is really powerful with so many things I've never used and don't understand. Fortunately teh local camera shop is very good (kind) at bailing me out when I've managed to press something by mistake.
  • HMJ
    over 4 years ago
    My course has been absolutely brilliant and I'd highly recommend checking if your local camera club do something similar. I paid £65 for 8 2 hour lessons, with critiques (constructive) on our homework theme and four trips out at the weekend each with a theme e.g. street photography, wildlife. Whilst I'm not an expert I have learned something! I have to say, whilst I don't mind cropping a bit off my photos, I'm not a great believer in photoshop - I feel it's cheating but I know others don't agree.
  • ESW
    over 4 years ago
    Having read your review, I've spent rather longer than I should have this morning looking at the winning entries on the website. There are some amazing photos there. I wonder how many were discarded to get the best....Like you I found the people worked best.

    Having just gone through my latest lot of photos taken on holiday, I think I also need to follow your example and join a photographic course. f stops, shutter speeds and ISO still confuse me. It's amazing what you can do on photoshop though....