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Review: Newmarket Holidays

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United Kingdom

Andre Rieu

  • By SilverTraveller MChallenger

    1 review

  • July 2016

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Our flight left Cardiff Wales airport 6 am and arrived Holland just over 1 hour later; with the added hour this made us arrive at the arranged desk to meet Newmarket reps at 8 am – yes there they were and we gave our names expecting to be escorted to our bus as was described in the write up. However, we were told to come back at 10 am 2 hours away!!? When I queried what we were expected to do we were told to do some shopping or have a coffee!! bearing in mind we have been up since 3 am to get to airport for our 6 am flight. We, along with others from different incoming flights, had to wait for all the other people to arrive – our bus was nowhere to be seen and so we had to join another bus to take us outside the airport to where our bus was parked. So off the bus again and on to our bus for the 2.5 hour journey to our hotel – from the time we landed at the airport and the time we got to our hotel was 5 HOURS!!!.

The next morning when we were given our tickets we were having to leave the hotel at 1 pm and would not return until 2.30 am this unfortunately was far too long for me to hang around without being able to rest before the show so we asked the rep if he could perhaps sell our tickets as I would not be able to go without being able to rest. We were told you can leave the tickets with me and I shall give them back to Newmarket but you will not get a refund!

All in all it was a shambles from beginning to end. When we arrived at the hotel the driver told us that there was nothing around for food so suggested we book with the hotel – when in fact a 10 min walk would take you into a lovely town where there were numerous restaurants at a fraction of the price the hotel was charging.

We shall never go with Newmarket again.

104 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 4 Comment(s)

  • ESW
    almost 5 years ago
    This is beginning to sound as if the reviewer hadn't done their homework properly before the trip and is complaining on here rather than discussing the issues with Newmarket first.
  • Newmarket
    almost 5 years ago
    We are very sorry to hear that you didn't make it to the show. Our itinerary is very clear; the afternoon is spent in Maastricht to enjoy the town and the ambience before the performance. We would be happy to investigate the other issues that you have mentioned if you would like to contact us; [email protected]' We look forward to hearing from you.
  • ESW
    almost 5 years ago
    Why did you chose to go with Newmarket? Have you used them before or were they recommended to you? It does sound a bit of a shambles . How much information did they give you before the holiday and were you warned about the long wait at the airport for other people to arrive?

    I'm a bit confused - was this a trip just to see a show? Can you explain what exactly the trip was - this will give us a clearer idea of what was involved - or perhaps what WASN'T involved! Did you have to check out of the hotel at 1pm? What happened at 2.30 after the show?

    I'm assuming you didn't have a proper rep on the bus with you and were dependent on the bus driver for information? From experience they often just drive the bus and don't know much about the area, places to eat etc. Did you ask in the hotel about other places to eat?
  • snoweydog
    almost 5 years ago
    What a shame you missed it. Our friends Kathleen and Barry went to it and enjoyed it tremendously. When I asked which company she was with Kathleen said they did it themselves getting on a bus to Maastricht after getting off the Hull to Rotterdam ferry. Barry is disabled and Kathleen has a bad back so I imagine they were booked into a local hotel. I was very envious of their good time.It seems a shame you couldn't have put your feet up somewhere In a sympathetic hotel.That Newmarket couldn't have suggested somewhere to rest.