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Review: Sailing in Greece and Croatia

Specialist Holiday - Single traveller

Over 50s sailing in Greece and Croatia

  • By SilverTraveller Dawes

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  • July 2015
  • Solo
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I had never been on a sailing holiday but recently separated I searched the internet to find a holiday that didn’t mean me looking pathetic all alone in a hotel bar or restaurant, I also wanted a bit of an adventure. My friend who has sailed quite a lot recommended I consider a sailing holiday. I wanted to go somewhere hot, have good food and meet new people, it seemed perfect.

I found lots of sailing holidays but only found one that catered for people in age groups i.e. over 50s and I didn’t want to be on a yacht with married couples.

After much searching I booked with a sailing company that caters for different age groups and I chose to go around the Greek Islands, flying to Athens. I was full of trepidation, I didn’t know what the other ‘crew’ would be like, would I be sea sick? Would I actually even like sailing?

I can honestly say the whole experience was amazing. I loved the others on my yacht, 3 other girls, similar age, all over 50, the skipper was funny and fascinating. The trip took us to 7 different islands on a 7 day trip, we ate breakfast and lunch on board, buying fresh bread olives cheeses etc as we sailed, we moored in beautiful bays for lunch swam relaxed had a drink or two! Each afternoon we would go into harbour and take a walk around the island swim or simply people watch from our lovely yacht feeling very special! Each night tavernas are booked for everyone so there is no worrying about eating alone, it’s a lovely experience. You can share a cabin, as I did, (I shared twice with girls I had never met before and they were both wonderful) or have your own berth (more expensive) if you are a couple you can also sail, in fact I loved it so much I also went sailing in to Croatia with the same company, there were 3 yachts in the flotilla, one over 50s married couples one over 50s singles yacht and another couples yacht with 8 Norwegians on board (brilliant people) the tavernas / konobas are all booked in advance and the food on both trips were both lovely and reasonable. You can also mix up the ages on these trips as they have family flotillas. The company is a small one but established since around 2003 and the owner of the company is a guy who loves putting the trips together and is a real foodie, often ordering for the whole party at dinner to be sure everyone tries new dishes, especially in Greece when ordering meze.

You don’t need to be fit, you can join in the sailing activities if you want or simply lie on deck. I checked my travel insurance as sailing is deemed an activity holiday but because the boats don’t sail more than 3 miles from the coastline there are no addition costs but you should just check that. You can use mobiles etc on board and we would use the cafe/restaurants to charge up, they never mind.

The reason I’m writing this review is because I haven’t seen any sailing holidays on silver travel, only cruises and sailing is such a fabulous holiday at any age, one of my sailing buddies was 84 and put me to shame jumping into the water! Everyone mixes, there are people from all over the world and you can also learn to sail as well (you don’t get any qualifications on these trips though) I can thoroughly recommend the company, it’s Getaway Sailing. I keep looking at other holidays on this site and on the internet but I think it has to be more sailing this year!

48 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 6 Comment(s)

  • Dawes
    over 4 years ago
    Hi discerning -traveller , your comments brought back to me how I felt about going sailing , not sure if your concern is the sailing or going solo or both ? I had many restless nights after I booked to go the first time , I was so nervous and having met lots of others on the trips they felt exactly the same !Both about the sailing and going on my own . I flew to Athens a day before the trip and I felt so brave and grown up ( i know , silver traveller !! ) getting on a tram to go into the centre of Athens on my own , I loved it ! I have travelled all over the world solo with my work but there is something about going on a holiday on your own that brings a different feeling of nervousness ! re the sailing , if you simply want to watch the world go by with a good book and a gin and tonic then its a perfect fit , participating is optional and there is no pressure from anyone to do anything at all ( except taking it in turn to make up a greek salad or browse the croatian markets for fresh fruit etc ) Are you brave enough , of course you are YOLO ...... ( you only live once ! )
  • discerning-traveller
    over 4 years ago
    Ho Susan,
    What a fabulous experience! I toured Croatia, by land, last autumn and kept envying people who I saw, who were sailing. It looked so idyllic and peaceful. I loved your review. Will I be brave enough?!!!
  • susan-dawes
    over 4 years ago
    Hi all , Hydra is one of the islands I visited and you are right only emergency vehicles allowed , its idylic and I first went there when i was 18 , its barely changed !
    The dates are fixed around enquries but if you send an enquiry the owner Tony will give you dates ,and prices , Greece will be end of may and September and Croatia probably in June July and August but check out dates if interested ,
    meals are not included , breakfast and lunches on board , very social, cheap and bought and prepared communally ,flights have to be bought seperatly , some guys from ireland booked really late and paid a lot but flights to Dubrovnic and Athens are reasonable if bought in advance ,My first trip there were ony 4 of us but I also went on a flottilla with 5 boats ! all depends on demand , both trips equally great , the 4 of us have since sailed again together and also all gone to Norway for a reunion ! all going to Durham in February to meet up again , some of the boats have 5 berths ( 10 people ) again all depends on demand , I think the cost per person this year is £525 but please check that out .... the picture i posted was the second athens trip i took , two other boats on that trip , send an enquiry , you will love it !! I think that all queries covered ??
  • lucky77
    over 4 years ago
    This looks great, no dates or prices on website but worth an enquiry as Greek Islands trip for over 50s looks lovely, stayed in Hydra as a base with my son during the Athens Olympics and it is a picturesque island with donkeys (no cars) and pretty boutique hotels and tavernas.
  • ESW
    over 4 years ago
    This sounds wonderful and I immediately checked on the4ir website, but have to admit i found it very frustrating as it didn't give dates or prices - unless I missed them...

    Can I be very cheeky and ask how much the holiday cost? were all meals included? Did this include flights or did you have to book these separately? From your review it sounds as if there were just three others on your yacht? How many will they sleep?
  • Freddie
    over 4 years ago
    Sounds great. We'll certainly check out Sailing Holidays for 2017.