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Review: Amtrak Kissimmee Station

Attraction - Railway & Train

Kissimmee, Florida, United States

Trainspotting the Silver Meteor

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  • November 2015
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Some of you will have read Linda’s review of her day in Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World. Whilst this is a great park with excellent shows, and for Linda, the Osborne Lights is something that she has always wanted to see it wasn’t for the boys. So Fred and I dropped them at the park and headed off for a day on our own.
As some of you will know I would love to tour America by train, my reading on the cruise was the Amtrak Timetable. I have several different routes planned, travelling from New York to San Francisco. So as we were near Kissimmee we made our way to the Amtrak Station, to see the Silver Meteor travelling from Miami to New York.

Everyone I speak to about my plans tells me that Amtrak is not exactly punctual. Well all I can say is that the northbound train was certainly not on time – it pulled into the station 10 minutes ahead of schedule! This must have been very frustrating for the local drivers held up whilst the passengers got off or on and the luggage loaded into the separate luggage car. The train is so long that it blocks two roads whilst it is at the platform. I call it a platform, but it is no more than a footpath along the side of the track.

As the Miami bound train was due in 20 minutes later we waited to watch it as well. It was running late but only by about the same 10 minutes as the northbound was early, so I am sure that Mr Amtrak will argue than on average they run to time!

I was surprised just how many passengers got on and off at the station and how long it all takes. This may be due to the fact that everyone got on and off through the one door on the train. They obviously don’t get too many train spotters in Kissimmee.

Probably only four trains a day doesn’t make it a mecca for us anoraks, nor does the high temperature, bearing in mind it is November it was in the mid 80’s! So we were made very welcome by one of the volunteer guides who give commentaries on the journey, and the other train and station staff were also friendly too.

The whole experience has made me even more determined to have a Trans-American Adventure by train.

We had spotted a diner nearby, “Big John’s BBQ”, where we had gone for a drink whilst we waited the trains’ arrival. It was very popular with the locals, and we were told the food was excellent. I-Drive is great with fast food outlets and restaurants everywhere, but this was a proper diner. The Brisket Sandwich was absolutely delicious and stuffed with meat.

So close to the glitz of the resort area, and yet had so removed from it all. Even if the trains are of no interest to you I can thoroughly recommend anyone having a holiday in the Orlando area spending an hour or two in Kissimmee proper. If you do make the journey, then don’t leave without having lunch or dinner at “Big John’s”!

107 people found this review helpful

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  • ESW
    over 5 years ago
    Those are big mean trains.

    I remember when we were in the Canadian Prairies a few years ago we were amazed by the length of the trains, often being pulled by several locos. it took them several minutes to pass by.