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Review: Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Attraction - Theatre

Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, Wales, United Kingdom

The Beaux' Strategem - live broadcast from the National Theatre

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  • September 2015
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This was a live broadcast from the National Theatre in London shown in the cinema at Aberystwyth Arts Centre – a great way to see a London show near to home.

It was billed as “George Farquhar’s wild comedy of love and cash”, written in early 18th century and rarely performed. It shows two young men who have frittered away their fortunes in London so run off to…Lichfield! An odd choice, although clearly it had some significance for the author at that time. Even more odd when you realise their “stratagem” is to marry into money.

As advertised, it really was laugh-out-loud funny, with lots of mistaken identities, two handsome young men and two beautiful young women who fall in love, plus weird extra characters (including a brigand!) at the Inn where most of the action took place. There were a few song and dance routines here and there for no apparent reason – with the magic appearance of a musician on cue on the balcony – and by the end, a very funny quick-fire sword fight.

I didn’t know what to expect from the advert really, but definitely glad I went to see it. Excellent entertainment, especially as live theatre event on the big screen.

39 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 2 Comment(s)

  • SilverTravelUser
    almost 5 years ago
    Hi Debbie - thanks for the comments. As you say, a great play that is unexpectedly 'modern' in outlook
  • Debbie
    almost 5 years ago
    What a coincidence! I saw the play at the National Theatre two weeks ago and loved it - George Farquhar is apparently Ireland's most famous playwright, but who only wrote three plays before he died at a young age. It's so brilliant and covers all kinds of modern themes.. marriage, divorce, betrayal, love. And it's so funny too.