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Review: easyJet


Easy Jet - why I don't like them

  • By SilverTraveller HMJ

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  • February 2015
  • London Gatwick North
  • Malaga
  • Partner
  • Economy

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What is there to dislike about a flight where there’s no queue at check-in, where you’re called to the gate early, set off punctually and arrive at your destination before you should?

If it was a British Airways flight I wouldn’t have a problem, but we were flying Easy Jet from Gatwick North to Malaga. So what do I hate apart from the hideous orange and grey? I hate having to decide months before on what luggage I’ll take. This is why on our recent trip, I was enjoying an early morning cup of tea waiting for our taxi when because I had the time, I checked the tickets for the umpteenth time. What did I discover? When I booked the tickets three months earlier, I’d thought that because we were only away for five nights, I’d check-in one big bag. I have an aversion to travelling on hand luggage only – mainly because Peter Rabbit has to travel with us in a rucksack and as he’s a little large, it doesn’t leave much room for clothes.

However, when we packed, initial thoughts went out of the window and I decided two small bags would be better for the train journey from Malaga to Seville. However the bags were rather full and we changed to one large and one small case. So with the taxi due to arrive any minutes, I was squashing everything into the large bag whilst my partner brought the bathroom scales downstairs, because he was worried about the 20kg limit.

Still we arrived early in Malaga, our return flight was equally trouble free and arrived 30 minutes early at Gatwick South meaning we missed the Friday evening rush hour traffic.

Introducing allocated seating was a huge step forward, if only they’d let me chose my luggage allowance nearer the time. Oh, and get rid of the orange and grey.

51 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 8 Comment(s)

  • HMJ
    about 5 years ago
    Sounds a nightmare Su, you might have expected them to tell you in advance.
  • Su
    about 5 years ago
    We had a bad experience with easy jet, where they unloaded our suitcases from the plane, and when we arrived in venice, like about fifty other people, our cases were not on the conveyor belt. Easy jet said the plane was overloaded! They expected us to return to the airport in two days time to pick up our cases once they finally arrived. Horrendous. We refused. No compensation either.
  • tammekas
    over 5 years ago
    I did not understand whether you disliked Easyjet or yourself's packing and unpacking? English is not my mother tongue.
    I am an Eastern Europe pensioner and I have to prefer low-cost airlines. I always compare prices in internet. I am glad that low-cost airline Easyjet visit our capital Tallinn.
  • Alan-Fairfax
    over 5 years ago
    An interesting review HMJ. The colour is not the greatest I agree but at least they are identifiable. EasyJet to me are the best 'budget' airline around. No weight restriction on cabin baggage as long as 'You can lift it unaided into the overhead locker'. Their web site makes it clear 'Only one item of hand luggage' so why would anyone turn up with a handbag that is an additional item? Changing your mind from one large to two smaller cases, would you not have been in the same position with any other airline had you booked that far in advance? I use EasyJet on a regular basis and what I enjoy apart from the no weight limit on cabin baggage is seeing the actual cost from the start instead of a low fare with add ons, the decent leg room, clean planes and punctuality.
  • LJH
    over 5 years ago
    It would be better to have a maximum weight for hand luggage and say that if you take more than one you HAVE to put the extras under the seat in front. Sorted!
  • sandra_42
    over 5 years ago
    I love carry on luggage.........straight off the plane and get on with my holiday! Easy Jet has smaller gaps between seats, less leg room for my 6' 2" partner.
    I flew with them to Mallorca in 2013 and yes, we were called early to the flight and then left standing in the sun for half an hour.
    The previous year we flew with them to Bordeaux and, although the main airport building was very swanky, EJ operated out of a corrugated iron shed with no seating except in the cafe where it was extremely limited.
  • HMJ
    over 5 years ago
    And I know what you mean abou hand bags. We saw a lady at Gatwick having to stuff her handbag into her already very full hand luggage!
  • chrismse
    over 5 years ago
    I know exactly what you mean. They are very inconsistent about handbags too. On a recent trip from Luton to Inverness all fine going out handbags allowed. Coming back! no way where handbags allowed everything had to go in the one hand luggage bag. Confusing!