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Review: Loanhead of Daviot Stone Circle

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Daviot, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom

A recumbent stone circle surrounded by trees

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This is in a lovely setting surrounded by trees with fews across the Aberdeenshire countryside. It is well off the usual tourist trail and gets few visitors.

Archaeologists call this a recumbent stone circle. It has a single ring of eight upright stones, with a massive stone slab lying on its side and flanked by two upright pillar-stones. The stones are graded in height with the smallest stones furthest away from the flankers. It is thought to be 4000-4500 years old and the flankers frame the moon rising or setting in the southern sky.

The inside of the circle is almost filled by a later cairn of stones edged with upright stones. To the side is a smaller stone circle which is described as a cremation cemetery, in use around 2500 years ago. When excavated this revealed the partially cremated remains of a man in the centre clutching a stone pendant with the burials of up to 30 other individuals. 

Parking is in a small car park by the scout hut, on an unclassified road to the north of Daviot. The scouts camp in the woods and there were a couple of children playing in them. It was a refreshing and unusual sight to see children playing wild like this without constant adult supervision.

This is just a short walk through the trees from the car park along a reasonable track. It is definitely worth stopping to see.

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52 people found this review helpful

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