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Review: Dartmoor Prison Museum

Attraction - Museum

Princetown, Dartmoor, Devon, PL20 6RR, United Kingdom

Dartmoor Prison - an unusual holiday destination

  • By SilverTraveller LH

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  • 2012
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It was wonderful driving across Dartmoor in one of the warmest weeks in March to Princetown. The scenery of Dartmoor is outstanding, with clapper bridges over rivers, remote pubs, and opportunities for walking.

A visit to the recently opened Dartmoor Prison Museum is an unusual attraction, in an isolated spot, giving the history of the Prison which was started to house the French prisoners from the Napoleonic War in 1809.

There is a exhibition on the ground floor to show the "hard labour" of breaking up stones in a Dartmoor quarry and some unusual exhibits in the museum of items made by prisoners, and a DVD of Dartmoor Prison today which is no longer the top category of Prison.

You can make a drink, and there are toilet facilities, and there is a shop area selling items made by the prisoners. The museum is shut over the lunch hour 12.30-1.30pm so avoid that time, otherwise it is open daily all year.

43 people found this review helpful

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  • ESW
    over 6 years ago
    This sounds a fascinating visit - definitley different. The prison always seems such a dour place.