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Review: Red Spotted Hanky

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United Kingdom

Don't be afraid to ask twice if you don't get the 'right' first answer

  • By SilverTraveller Seakay

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I recently bought train tickets via; they arrived in a folder a couple of days later. because I wasn't travelling for over a month I put the folder away and for some reason didn't check the tickets properly. I travelled to my destination without a problem and only a few days before my return discovered that the return tickets were not in the folder. I phoned customer services and was told that the missing tickets could not be reissued for any reason, and I would have to buy another ticket for my journey. I was very upset as I could not see a reason for this attitude; the original ticket was prebooked so no one else could use it anyway, and I was only asking for a reprint, not a replacement. I phoned again and this time I was told that it would be no trouble to reissue a ticket, a reference number was emailed to me and I colected my ticket on the day of travel. i was slightly concerned as the full prie was printed on the ticket, but I asked at the manned ticket office and was reassured that no payment had been taken. the moral of the story is – if you don't get a helpful answer then ask again! If I had accepted the first response to my request then I could have paid at least £110.00 to get home! As it was it cost me nothing beyond the cost of the original cheap ticket. Red Spotted hanky is a good company to use because they don't charge you to use debit or credit cards, but I think that some members of their customer services team could do with some extra training before they are allowed to speak to the public!

54 people found this review helpful

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