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Review: Oyster Card (London Transport)

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Oyster Card really is cost effective and convenient!

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  • Mar 2012

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I use London Underground quite a bit over the year but, not being 'local', hadn't really thought that the 'Oyster Card' was for me. But, after being stuck in queues at the ticket machines time and again, between main line railway stations or to one or other airport, decided to take the plunge. What a revalation! No more ticket queues – just 'click' on the yellow at the barrier and through you go. And the amount taken each trip is a big saving on any normal fare, whether at 'peak' times or off-peak.

I've started myself with a £25 commitment, which includes a (refundable) £5 deposit for the card itself – and saved that £5 on my first return journey between Euston Station and the airport.

Catches? Be positive about putting your card onto the yellow card reader at the turnstile (i.e. don't try to copy those who've been at it for years and do the 'casual swipe' bit as though it's second nature) – and make sure that you do the same on exit, rather than let a kindly operative open the gate for you. If you don't 'check out' as well as in, you might not get the correct (lower) fare for the journey/time of day.

So – make your clock-in/clock-out as positive connections (if the gate opens, you've done it right!)

I'd seen visitors to London being sold the Oyster Card on the Gatwick Express and did wonder whether it was a bit of a con by the sales person but, having seen the difference it makes – in both price and convenience – I'd say that it's a good deal for anyone staying for more than a day or two (and for those, like me, who visit on-and-off over a period of time, as there's no expiration date on your credit).

The card can be used on the bus as well as the underground and, when working in London in the past, I often found that travelling on the bus was much more interesting (if somewhat slower) than using the tube. If you're visiting for a holiday, and not in a rush, do check the bus routes as well as the underground.


111 people found this review helpful

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