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Review: Brittany Ferries

Travel Service - Ferry service

Mini Cruise to Spain

  • By SilverTraveller Bluggs_1

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  • Aug 2008
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This was part of a short hol to Spain. I had won a short holiday in Santo Domingo Del Calzada. I had never been to Spain and my friend had never been out of the country. Brittany Ferries handled all the bookings very smoothly and even phoned a little before the off, to say that there was money left "on the voucher" so they were upgrading our cabin. I didn't really understand why but I didn't complain! Was a little nervous up until departure but I needn't have been. Boarding was very smooth with the car nicely stowed and directions were reasonably clear to the various decks. There were lifts although we opted for the stairs, which were not steep. A bit taken aback when we found we were in a pleasant cabin with twin beds and a nice view – had been expecting stuffy bunks somewhere in the depths! The steward at the end of the corridor was extremely helpful and attentive and it was more like a mini cruise – which is in fact how they advertise it. Cabin was ensuite and very comfortable although the toilet was somewhat noisy and scared the bejeebers out of us the first time. A number of different places to eat from those who just wanted snacks to those who wanted full meal dining. A good range of eating choices as well with healthy salads as well as "normal" fare. There were a number of bars on board although neither of us is great drinkers. We also tried the cinema. Bit of a gripe here. You had to pay for your ticket and if (as happened to Colin) you had to go out in the middle of the film, you then couldn't get back in. So it was either cross your legs or miss the rest of the show. A bit poor. The ship does cross the Bay of Biscay and on the way back we ran onto the tail end of a hurricane. Not pleasant with the ship really heaving and yawing – I went down to the diner (Colin was too ill) and watched a pile of plates spray across the floor as the ship dived. On the whole though, if you don't mind ships, it's a lovely way to to get to Spain. I have used Brittany before to get to Normandy and that was an equally nice experience. The ships seem cleaner than our ferries and the staff are really helpful and nice. We saild into Santander on a lovely sunny day so that may colour our perceptions but all in all, a travel experience that was definitely part of the overall richer holiday.

39 people found this review helpful

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