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Review: Brussels Airlines


Pleasant flight but beware Brussels airport!

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  • Oct 2014
  • Manchester
  • Florence
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"You are in A. You need to be in B. You need to go…now…fast!" said the assistant in Brussels airport VIP lounge.

We were returning to Manchester from Florence via Brussels, as there were no convenient direct flights, and had checked into the VIP lounge at Brussels airport during our stopover to enjoy some food,cold beer and a quiet read. Half an hour before our connecting flight was due to leave, I checked the screen and asked the assistant how long it would take to reach the gate. It was then I discovered we were in the wrong terminal with a good half hour walk along corridors to reach the correct one. To make matters worse, we also had to go back through security! It was late evening and I was resigned to spending the night in Brussels.

Fortunately for us, our flight was delayed* so we made it to the gate with time to spare. However, if flying via Brussels, be aware that your connecting flight might leave from the other terminal situated at the end of a good 30 minute walk along interminable corridors and involves passing through security again.

The flights were in pleasant, spacious aircraft with friendly staff. Our ticket price included seat choice, 23 kg of checked in luggage and 12 kg hand luggage each, but no food or drink. Check-in at Manchester Airport was smooth. Check in at Florence was not so smooth – one family at the front of the lengthening queue to the single check-in counter spent half an hour with the sole check-in operator having their booking problems resolved. Finally a second counter was opened. We checked in, went through security and looked for the VIP lounge – only to find it was landside.

Overall I would recommend Brussels Airline, but make sure you allow plenty of time to check in when returning from overseas and to transit between the two terminals at the airport if travelling via Brussels.

*Oh – and a word about the delay of our flight at Brussels airport. We had already been delayed in boarding but then sat on the plane for at least half an hour as the cabin crew informed us they were "waiting for one more passenger" to board. We were all already late and as time rolled by and babies started grizzling we were all thinking seriously bad thoughts about this one passenger. Being Brussels, maybe it was an important MEP? Possibly a celebrity? If it were one of us they would simply have removed our luggage and left us behind! At last a cheerful, relieved looking, middle aged man appeared in the aisle, his smile vanishing as he began a walk of shame past 30 pairs of hostile eyes to his seat. However, it was soon our turn to feel terrible as he was rapidly joined by at least 20 other passengers filing in behind him. We then realised that an incoming flight had been delayed and with so many of those passengers joining our plane, the airline had decided to wait for them. No doubt they had also made that anxious walk along corridors and through security hoping to avoid spending the night in Brussels.

134 people found this review helpful

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