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Review: Thomson Airways


Fly Thomson/Olympic Holidays

  • By SilverTraveller brimax

    38 reviews

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  • Jul 2014
  • East Midlands
  • Rhodes
  • Wife
  • Economy

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We left home on our journey to East Midlands Airport extra early because of the dreadful weather warnings. Our Thomson flight to Rhodes was scheduled for 4.20pm, we got there so early we were 1st in the queue at check in and managed to purchase extra legroom seats (£20, buy 1 get 1 free). Check in and security were trouble free and we were soon airside and having a quick snack. It wasn't long before the TV screens were showing a 90minute delay to our flight. The sky outside grew dark, the thunder sounded, the rain came down so that the runways were invisible, then the power in the Terminal went off. Oh well we don't care, we're going on holiday. The delay changed to 125 minutes, surely a 2 hour delay warrants refreshments being provided, as this thought went through my head the TV screen suddenly changed to a 100 minute delay. Within 5 minutes the plane had suddenly gained 25minutes, I suspected "funny business". As I had guessed it was 2 hours 15 minutes late when we boarded and the plane was exactly two and half hours late when it left the ground, no doubt Thomson would give us all a free drink as an apology for the delay. No such luck, they successfully got out of supplying any refreshments for the delay. The flight was pleasant and the cabin crew very friendly, the food available wasn't great (typical budget fare) and my wife's hot chocolate wasn't stirred properly so she finished up with a blob of chocolate at the bottom of the cup. We landed at Rhodes Airport and were quickly through and out. We headed for the Olympic Holidays desk where we were directed to Bus 73. This was obviously waiting just for us as our bags were quickly stowed away and the driver got on board, followed by a representative who made an announcement to the bus in a foreign language (possibly German) and then got off. As the bus started its journey we looked at each other both thinking "are we on the right bus?". By 3.30am we arrived at the village of Pefkos, the bus pulled in to the bus/coach turnaround place – "who is staying here we thought"- and the driver shouted "Finas" as he removed our bags from the bus. As we alighted he pointed aimlessly across the road and said "up there". So its three thirty in the morning and we have been dumped at the roadside. Luckily, we are regulars at this hotel and knew where to go but a "first timer" would have been in trouble. So, poor marks to Thompson for their refreshment avoidance and very poor marks to Olympic holidays for their very bad treatment of 2 very weary travellers.

138 people found this review helpful

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