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Review: Ryanair


Mixed feelings about Ryanair

  • By SilverTraveller Jenjens

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  • Mar 2012
  • Gatwick
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I have only once flown with Ryanair and that was with great trepidation after all the horror stories I had been told.

I have to say that my experience of flying with them was not as bad as I had been led to believe. I had heard that they were intractable and rigid – and there is of course the famous story of a woman who was charged £236 because she had not printed out boarding passes!

On the plus side, my check in procedure went smoothly, the hot chocolate on board was palatable and the plane left and arrived on time, although I have reservations about the trumpet fanfare on our arrival! However, I did notice that the staff seemed to be over zealous with measuring people’s on board luggage, and several in the queue were penalised for having bags that were fractionally too big. There was also the experience of a friend who travelled from Surrey to Stansted. Her train was delayed and she arrived 10 minutes late at check in. Ryanair staff would not let her onboard and she forfeited the cost of her flight, having to catch one the following day, thus incurring more travel costs.

I will probably not be flying with them again because there are other airlines I prefer but I did not find them as bad as I had been led to believe.

32 people found this review helpful

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