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Review: Iberia


Iberia - avoid at all costs

  • By SilverTraveller Cathy

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  • May 2013
  • Heathrow
  • San Jose
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We flew long haul with Iberia – we knew their reputation but no other carrier flew our route so we had no choice.

Although we were business class, we did not receive the normal great service you receive in this cabin. There was no first class, so we were the crew's 'top priority' passengers, and there was only 8 of us on the out going journey, but they couldn't even be bothered to learn our names.

They never came to check if we wanted anything, we had to press the call button every time we wanted something. We were glared at when we used the loo as it disturbed them reading in the galley.

Their champagne was actually very acidic cava, and their recommeded wine of the month tasted off. I tried it on the return flight thinking the other bottle must have been corked, but it was just as bad!

We were obviously flying round in circles on 'hold', but were given no information. When the captain did an announcement it was incoherent.

I had ordered a vegetarian meal but never got it on the way out. The 'waitress' couldn't (or wouldn't) understand that I did not want a meal that had meat in it. She just stood and looked sarcastically blank.

The staff on the return flight were nicer and I did get my vege meal, but as we were flying during the night, they didn't have much to do anyway. It was clear I was not feeling well on the return flight, but none of them came to check on me or even. The ground staff were just as unhelpful and dismissive.

I just hope now they are part of British Airways they have to go on customer service training courses to learn how to treat their customers.

107 people found this review helpful

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  • Vicky11
    over 8 years ago
    How awful. It spoilt everything if your flight is no good. Sometimes it seems to be a lucky dip. Some airline can be good one day and not good on the next. I remember one time I travel by KLM on a long haul flight. It was rather good going out ut the return flight was horrible. Nobody get a meal on broad. We had to manage with just tea and biscuits for a 12 hour flight. Not nice.