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Review: Tiger Airways


Tiger Airways stranded me in the Philippines

  • By SilverTraveller Garry-Carter

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  • Apr 2013
  • Solo
  • Economy
  • Manila
  • Bangkok

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I booked a return flight to Manila Clark from Bangkok on the Tiger Airways website. I flew to Manila Clark from Bangkok on 19th April without problem. On check in at Bangkok airport it was pointed out that there was no name printed on the bottom of the confirmation although my name and address were on the second sheet showing the payment details. I was assured that this website malfunction was no problem and flew to Manila on this ticket. On returning to Clark airport on 26th for my return journey I was sent from the check in desk to the ticketing office and told that I would not be allowed to fly due to the error on the flight confirmation. The assistant tried for some 30 minutes to contact Tiger in Manila without success and I was told the only way I could fly was to purchase another ticket at 11,144 pesos and would have to pay cash. I left the building to secure cash from an ATM and tried for some time to contact Tiger by phone without success. On return to the office I am then told there are no seats available on that flight. My protests that there is a seat allocated to my booking reference which has no name on it was ignored and I am told my only option is to fly the next day at the same cost of 11,144 pesos three times the amount I originally paid. I reluctantly agreed to this expecting I would be able to get a refund as there were no other options to get back to Bangkok. This website error has cost me in excess of 17,000 pesos with the cost of another ticket, additional hotel bill and cancellation of hotel in Bangkok. I expected from Tiger at the very least my return ticket on 27th to be reimbursed. Emails to Tiger and messages sent through their website portal have all been ignored. After many attempts to contact Tiger by phone I managed to speak with an operator in Manila but they refused to put me through to anyone in authority insisting their records showed I had not shown up for the flight. All my efforts to communicate with Tiger have been thwarted and I have now written a letter to the Managing Director of Tiger Airways in Singapore in an attempt to get a response. FLY WITH THIS AIRLINE AT YOUR PERIL.

34 people found this review helpful

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