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Review: Small Planet Airlines


Poor Experience

  • By SilverTraveller kath-chandler

    1 review

  • Sep 2012
  • Faro
  • London Gatwick
  • Adult family
  • Economy

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I booked flights to and from Faro on a website which gave me the days and times for the flights I requested. This meant my daughter and I flew on the outward journey with Easyjet (£188 total) a good flight and excellent customer service (thank you flight attendant Charlie – you're so funny) but the return flight was with Monarch (£263 total). The problems started in the airport queue as it took something like an hour before we got to the top of a fairly small queue (there were 6 or 7 desks open for the flight – there was a small information board stating our flight was to be with – we did NOT realise just what that meant – our seat numbers were changed from 9D & E to 10E & F (this is relevant). When we boarded we couldn't see anyone who appeared to be airline staff, just 2 males & 1 female huddled together in the galley opposite the door – as they were all wearing camel coloured nylon pants & lurid purple nylon t-shirts I presumed this could be them (it was!). There was an early indication as to the state of the aircraft when I saw the first 3 seats, there were terrible dried dirty stains on the middle seat. Chaos was ensuing as we tried to shuffle our way to our seats – a small dark-haired girl ran down the plane elbowing passengers out of the way as she went! I was pushed hard over the top of an already seated lady in row 5 & when I apologised profusely she said it was hardly my fault & that the same attendant had run down the aisle twice before in exactly the same manner. It turned out many of the seats had been double-booked. We were lucky as ours remained free for us but this girl having no intention to be polite told anyone whose seat was taken 'just find an empty seat & sit down – we have 30 spare seats so it's not a problem for you!!' We realised what an ancient plane we were on when we found all the seats had (recently used) ash trays – there was no proper emergency drill before take-off, it was merely spoken over the intercom. During the flight the dark-haired, panicky attendant & the female from the front of the plane when we got on came around with the smallest trolley I've ever seen offering tea or coffee – when all 3 in our row asked for tea the dark girl at the rear of the trolley pulled out clear plastic cups (of the type you get cold water free from dispensers in offices. She dropped a spoonful of grains into each one & poured hot water on top – they were just about to move off when I asked if she could please give us milk – she grunted that her colleague would give us this – at this point the other (blonde) girl sighed, rolled her eyes, opened a drawer & gave us 3 thimble full-sized cartons. The tea was undrinkable & was left ! There was no more communication from the attendants after one of the men came around 20 mins before landing with a black bin bag – he looked at our tea cups & left them! When the pilot gave the 10 min notification for landing & seat belt sign my daughter had no choice but to take the cups to the toilet to empty them & give them to one of the 4 staff sitting down in a huddled conversation behind the curtains up there (one of whom had never been out from behind that curtain for the whole flight!). My daughter said the toilet was fithy & stank! The weather was quite ok for landing (10.30 Sunday 30th Sep) but the wings wobbled as the pilot was struggling with the old plane & there was an obvious intake of breath when we bounced several times on landing & we could imagine smoke coming from the wheels as he struggled to apply the brakes -the windows actually shook & there were gasps of fear from some passengers. When the pilot thanked us for flying with them people laughed openly – there was very little info in the pockets of this plane but my daughter had a brochure that appeared to be in Polish – this is the ONLY indication of who they were or where they came from! Awful as they were I blame Monarch totally for this debacle – be warned!


60 people found this review helpful

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