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Review: Ryanair


Why Pay More To Travel

  • By SilverTraveller ellie

    2 reviews

  • Aug 2012
  • Sevilla Spain
  • Tenerife Canary Islands
  • Adult family
  • Economy

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August in southern Spain is not the most pleasant of times to even be thinking of travelling, but when with Ryanair or any low cost flight company it costs you less for the ticket to fly than it does to travel from your home by taxi to the airport, a mere 20km away, the trip is always just too tempting.

I cannot understand those amongst us who feel that the words ´low cost airfares´are equal to desicrating the holy grail.

There is an inert fear that spreads throughout the community that because the airline has chosen to cut their costs that it has to be also cutting the safety factors that govern air travel. Companies like Ryanair have pared costs down to the bone, but the regulations for travel are still in place for all the airlines. The same standards for charter flights as for low cost flights have to be maintained, the air traffic controllers demand the same answers to the same questions of each and every pilot.

What the low cost airlines do attempt to do is to avoid wasting huge amounts of unnecessary time and resources that you the traveller have to pay for.

The turn round time in the airport is minimised as much as possible, the ground staff are expected to work to a maximum, but surely that is what any worker is paid to do. We can be complacent and work slowly and thoroughly, but does this mean that we cannot also work quickly and efficiently?

However we look at things the statistics show that air travel is safer than that of road travel, yet we do not make the same comments about having our cars checked before we commute to work each morning and again when we return.

Surprisingly it is not the safety factor that attracts the real criticism, it is the fact that the seating is not as spacious as the more expensive flights, it is the fact that the in flight film is not available, that the plot of the journey is not shown so that we can see that we are flying over the middle of the Atlantic far below us. The lack of the plastificated pre heated meal is another thing that some of us greatly lament. Why is this I wonder, do we really suffer for the lack of a meal which is in fact little more than a snack, eaten with plastic knives and forks, unless you are lucky enough to be travelling business class with all its added luxurious perks and hopefully paid for on travelling expenses!

The advent of smart technology has made the in-flight film obsolete, many travellers now watch their own choice of entertainment or listen to their own music feet tapping in time to the anonymous beat of the music an occasional guffaw at a comedy film envied by the rest of us who are travelling without the benefit of this smart technology, I promise myself to provide this type of entertainment for my next flight.

Many passengers are seen to unwrap a variety of picnic type sandwiches, lovingly prepared before leaving their own kitchen, chicken, ham or cheese seem to be the favourites with a delicious smells of freshly peeled oranges or bananas permeating the air. This I think has to be a better way to eat on the journey, perhaps not as sophisticated as the in-flight plastic pre packed pre heated food served by some airlines and perhaps even a little unpleasant if you are seated next to a stranger or the traveller with a penchant for sardine sadwiches who will insist on wafting his aromatic sandwich under your nose, but still you must remember the low cost of your ticket and not complain too much about the minutiae of life.

Empathy must go out to any of those critics who have either seen or heard the CEO of Ryanair giving a business interview, because I rather feel that his humour may be lost on many. He has a tendency to deliver his defence of low cost air travel in a rather satirical way. Sometimes when he speaks of vertical backrest type seating and paying to use the toilet, I think we are supposed to be bright enough to read between the lines and see it as a contrast between how little we pay on low cost flights and how much we pay on other types of flights and how little we gain for that vast amount of money and how little we lose by paying so much less.

The aircrafts that I have travelled in have all been clean, though I have never had occasion to use the toilets, I have bought coffee and the sandwiches – a little expensive for my taste but flavoursome enough, I definitely think that to pack your own snack is the best idea, because eating does help to pass the time on the journey.

Hand luggage is something you have to learn about very quickly if you are to become a successful Ryanair traveller. The fact that your hand luggage includes a womans handbag is a big blow for the first time traveller with Ryanair – not all other air lines count your handbag as luggage. So beware with Ryanair you cannot cram your oversized handbage with as much as a full sized suitcase, unless you pay for a suitcase!

Hence you have to learn limitation, carry with you only those garments which fold up small, wear the bulkiest and heaviest of your clothes and make sure that you need only one pair of shoes with you on your trip, be prepared to use the toiletries in your hotel or buy them on arrival, and you will be a master traveller on Ryanair.

Last year I travelled back from a mid week break during Milan fashion week wearing four Ralph Lauren jumpers, which I quickly divested myself of once I was seated in my leg room deficient seat, a difficult task but fortunately not impossible, I had a fold up shopping bag with me that took my jumpers with ease and I had a very pleasant flight home. Travellers can often be seen removing two coats and cramming both into the over head cabin lockers. It can be quite amusing to see the semi striptease of those who like me try to beat the hand luggage rules.

I do think that the cabin space above the seats should be reserved to those who are seated beneath them. There is nothing more annoying than having your hand luggage at the back of the plane while you are seated at the front, all because some passenger has taken all of the space – the amount of frontal cabin space taken up the flight attendants is also a little annoying, surely they could place their thing elsewhere, but this is more of a gripe against the cabin crew not the company.

I regularly travel with low cost airlines who fly either Boeing or Airbus planes each has its own unique form of take off and landing one is more gradual than the other, at first I found the rapid rise and descent rather alarming but now aware of the difference I do not mind the experience.

All in all I thank and applaud Ryanair and other low cost airlines, because although I am sure they make a profit it can only be a small profit compared to those airlines which charge vast amounts for their tickets.

The low cost companies give people the opportunity to travel, they offer a more than adequate service for those who appreciate the cost of the ticket and what they receive for this cost namely the opportunity to travel, not the opportunity to go to the cinema, or to dine out it is just the opportunity to travel as one would do on a bus trip or commuter train. Really what more do we need except to journey from A to B in a punctual, efficient, clean and comfortable manner.

40 people found this review helpful

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