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Review: Ryanair


Follow the rules for a cheap flight

  • By SilverTraveller suewilly

    12 reviews


  • Mar 2011
  • East Midlands
  • Faro
  • Adult family
  • Economy

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This was the first time we had travelled with an economy airline and I must admit that I was wary as I'm not particularly fond of the Michael O'Leary approach to customer service which always seems to be 'if you don't like the way we do things, don't fly with us'. I was aware of friends who had problems with overweight bags being charged at a very high rate and also had been warned that as seats are not allocated at check in there was a chance we may not be sitting together. So it was with some trepidation that I booked a cheap flight to Faro. I carefully read all the rules about ensuring that names were correctly entered on the website, I knew the baggage allowance, I understood the online check in procedure and I thought as it was a short flight, if we didn't get seats together it was no real problem. I have to report that I was pleasantly surprised. The online check in process was painless. Baggage drop was simple. Yes there was a queue for boarding and a rush to grab seats together but this was not a particularly busy time so there were plenty of seats available. My advice would be, if you can travel light (no baggage costs), can check in online and print boarding passes for both directions, can follow the rules outlined on the website, and don't mind a bit of a sprint to the plane, then this airline is absolutely fine. The onboard staff were a delight. I expected the O'Leary brand of customer service to spread to the stewards but the serving staff were great. Very pleasant and helpful. I wouldn't recommend this airline if you have specific mobility difficulties as getting a seat within the short turn around time could be stressful. Also my elderly parents often travel with a wheelchair and although Ryanair do carry mobility aids I did get the impression when we booked assistance for them that this is something they do reluctantly. On the whole if you're able bodied, book carefully, travel light and follow the rules you really can grab a bargain flight. Oh, and don't believe those rumours of being charged to use the onboard toilet. That's a complete myth. (But do bring your own sandwiches if you're likely to get hungry as onboard food and drink is pricey.)


35 people found this review helpful

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