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Review: Jet Airways


Basic flight with no added extras - apart from stunning scenery

  • By SilverTraveller ESW

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  • Jun 2011
  • Leh, Ladakh
  • Indira Ghandi, Delhi
  • Husband
  • Economy

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Both Kingfisher Airlines and Jet Airways operate services between Delhi and Ladakh. We flew from Delhi with Kingfisher and returned on Jet. The Jet aeroplanes are newer and more comfortable but provide no free drinks. We had heard that security at Leh Airport was very tight, but even so were surprised just how tight it was. We had to show passports and flight details to police as we drove through the main gate and again as we entered the door into the departure hall. Only local guides are allowed into the departure hall. We were scanned as soon as we entered. I set off the buzzer, but as there was no female staff to check me out I was waved through. Our baggage was taken off us and scanned and our two cabin bags were sealed with a security tape. We were scanned again.

A couple of Jet porters appeared and whizzed us to the check in desk. Check in was quick and efficient but staff refused to allow any bags into the cabin, although cameras were allowed. By then ours was securely taped in the carry on bag, so we decided to leave it there. Michael had managed to get good photos on the inward journey.

I had to argue to be allowed to be allowed to keep my stick and Michael to keep the folder containing our passports and other documents. We were told that ‘police are very strict’ and Jet Conditions of Carriage specifically ban cabin baggage from the three Jammu and Kashmir airports. When the flight before ours left there was an announcement when the flight was called saying that no cabin baggage was allowed because of security regulations.

We then went through a full security check and anyone with hand luggage had to open it. I was checked by a female staff in a screened off area. I had a purse in my pocket which I had to show. She was very concerned/confused there was no money in it gave a great giggle when I said I had spent it all. After that the search was much more light hearted.

Screening took a long time as there were several flights leaving the airport as well as a big military transport plane. All the troops bound for that were also subject to a full security check.

Kingfisher passengers were allowed hand luggage and later arrivals for our flight also had hand luggage. We think the congestion due to the military transport and several civil flights leaving within a short period, had overloaded the police who had told Jet staff not to allow cabin baggage. It was noticeable that when our flight was called there was no comment about cabin baggage. So it seems as though it is the luck of the draw whether you are allowed hand luggage or not. Go prepared expecting not to be allowed carry on.

Once in the departure lounge one of us had to go outside to identify our bags which were checked against our receipts and the manifest. The lounge was busy and noisy, although got quieter as planes left. There are no shops and toilet facilities are poor.

We were scanned yet again as we left the building to get on the bus to the plane, but this time by Jet staff .

The flight was in a presentable 737-700 but there were no free refreshments of any kind. Staff came round with hot drinks and snacks, so make sure you have eaten a big breakfast before setting off for the airport.

There was no inflight entertainment.

Again it was a good flight and the plane was more comfortable than the 320 on the Kingfisher flight. There were no buggies at the gate at Delhi and it was a long walk to the baggage hall. It was then through the shops to the entrance where we met our guide.

The airport building is air conditioned and the heat of Delhi hit us as soon as we left the building.

Photos of our flight can be seen at the start of this gallery.


75 people found this review helpful

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