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Review: Virgin Atlantic


Experience depends on how busy the flight is

  • By SilverTraveller ESW

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  • 2011
  • Lonmdon Heathrow
  • Delhi
  • Husband
  • Premium Economy

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We chose to travel with Virgin Atlantic Airways as they offered Premium Economy at a reasonable rate. The flight from Heathrow to Delhi is overnight. The return from Delhi to Heathrow is a daytime flight.

Check in at both Heathrow and Delhi was quick and efficient.

There were few passengers on the flight from Heathrow and the loudspeaker was offering upgrades (at a price – £600 for premium economy to business). Economy passengers were told they could change seats once airborne but there was an extra charge of £30 for ‘purple’ seats which had extra leg room.

There were only six of us in premium economy so we almost had personal service from the crew, who were pleasant and helpful. There was the usual offering of orange juice, champagne or water once we were seated. Plentiful water was supplied during the trip.

The flight was operated by A340-300 with what could have been old Business style seats in Premium Economy. There was reasonable leg room and the seats reclined to about 60 degrees. Armrests were fixed so it was impossible to spread across several seats and lie flat. The usual small pillow and blanket were provided and we were given a ‘comfort bag’ containing slip on socks, blackout mask, ear plugs, toothpaste and brush and a useless ball point pen.

There was a choice of 3 main meals; English, Indian and vegetarian. Meals were reasonable. Wine choice was either red or white and unexciting. There was no choice at breakfast which was a cold meal.

On the return leg the aircraft was full and some passengers were upgraded (we think these may have held a Virgin Atlantic card). It felt a long and hard 9 hours. When full, premium economy began to feel cramped. Staff had less time, were rushed off their feet and did not seem as good. Champagne or orange juice were offered once boarded. A request for water was met by the reply ’you have a bottle supplied’. Meals were not as good. The main course at dinner had been kept hot for too long and the bread rolls were dry and hard.

The in flight entertainment selection on both flights was very poor. Different films were shown on outward and return journeys and included several Bollywood films. The only recognisable recent release was the ‘King’s Speech’ on the outward leg. I didn’t recognise any of the TV programmes on offer and would not choose to watch any of them. Screen quality was poor. Items started at a set time, and it was impossible to choose your own start time or to pause the movie.

I would rate the outward journey as good, probably because there were so few passengers.

The return flight I would only rate as average.

44 people found this review helpful

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