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Review: Gulf Air


Not a good experience

  • By SilverTraveller Jenjens

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  • Jan 2008
  • London Heathrow
  • Sydney
  • Adult family
  • Economy

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My sister and I travelled from Sydney to London in January with Gulf Air, and I can honestly say it is the worst flight I have ever experienced. I have no complaints about the staff who were polite and helpful at all times. However, the trip itself was a nightmare. The flight was scheduled to leave Sydney at 21.55 pm. I knew in advance that I would suffer badly, as I have IBS, which is always exacerbated by late nights, disruption of routine, etc. However, we had no choice but to travel at that time, Economy class. I tried asking for an upgrade at check-in, to no avail. The flight eventually left Sydney at 23.15 (the latest time permitted), by which time everybody (including several toddlers and babies) were becoming extremely agitated. Then the nightmare began: there were two stops, at Singapore and Bahrain, and on each leg of the journey the person in front of me (a different person each time) reclined her seat right back so that I was prevented from moving, eating, or enjoying any sort of comfort. I never recline my seat on principle, as I consider it to be selfish. By the end of the journey I was so desperate due to lack of sleep and stomach ache that I was pushing the back of the seat as hard as I could with my knees in the hope that they might take the hint – to no avail. To add to my discomfort, the toilets were blocked, and in fact at one stage my sister returned from a visit retching at the revolting smell that came from there. My sister and I are both members of Gulf Air’s frequent flyers, but I would seriously doubt whether I could travel with them on such a long journey again, after the discomfort I experienced which almost amounted to torture. I do not blame the staff, but could something be done about selfish people who recline their seats, with no consideration for anyone else, and could perhaps better toilet facilities be available?


96 people found this review helpful

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