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Review: Rail Tour of Scandinavia

Specialist Holiday - Rail travel

Striking Swedes

  • By SilverTraveller Amy

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  • Jul 2014
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We booked a tailor made tour of Scandinavia by rail, starting in Denmark and visiting cities in Sweden and Norway. We started in Copenhagen, by flying in – its a long way round by train. We then found our way from the airport to the railway station – it was very confusing, so once there at the station we decided to find out where our train to Sweden would be leaving from two days hence.

Only then were we told that the Swedish railway company was on indefinite strike and no trains were crossing the Bridge. It was such a surprise as we imagined rail strikes happened – well lets say – elsewhere ! Presumably, In view of the need to keep up appearances (of industrial harmony) there was no information for travellers. Or in may have been the Danes not wanting to help people crossing to Sweden ?

We phoned the travel company in the UK who had booked all the tickets – they too had no idea about the strike – but agreed to look into it. We had a full day in Copenhagen after all.

Taber, the UK travel company booked us on a bus to Stockholm instead, and our hotel were asked by them to direct us to the bus stop.

The hotel supplied a map and circled where we should take ourselves at the crack of dawn next morning. In our naiveté we thought it was the long distance bus station. This was the capital of Denmark after all so we expected waiting room, information, café. Nothing.

The building the hotel had circled was a public swimming pool. Happily, an early morning passer by told us where the buses left from – "wait by that fence" we were told, as she pointed at a non descript pavement without bus shelters, signs, anything in fact to hint it might be the starting point for long distance travel. And no fellow travellers.

We hung around somewhat anxiously and happily a bus arrived – not going to Sweden as it happened but its driver pointed firmly at the pavement and so we waited.

Yes – a bus came at last. Once over the Bridge all subsequent stops were in bus stations just as you'd expect. The bus was fast, comfy and on time.

But come on Denmark – get your tourist information sorted out. We were told the lousy information was due to your poor relationship with Sweden, but take it from a traveller, its you who looked bad.

The rest of our trip went well – the strike was called off and all our trains ran on time!!

93 people found this review helpful

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