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Review: Dolomite Ski Safari

Specialist Holiday - Snow/ski


It will be hard for me to ski anywhere ever again without a guide

  • By SilverTraveller Tim

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  • Jan 2011
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I had heard about Dolomite Ski Safaris and all that stuff about nights in little huts on top of mountains and early morning starts and and frankly it didn’t really appeal.

I’m in my 60s and my idea of a good days ski is a late leisurely breakfast, a few red runs and maybe a gentle schuss to the nearest bar for a vino caldo followed by one more run before a long lunch, a hot bath and an afternoon snooze.

Not for me that early morning rush with the rest of the world scrumming to get on the first gondola up the mountain. So, when Tim and Lou of Inspired Italy Ltd, suggested I come with them on one of their Dolomite Ski Safaris I had little difficulty in batting the invitation away.

However, the subject and invitation was repeated on many occasions over that summer by them and other chums until my resistance was gradually eroded with tempters of unrivalled skiing opportunities in great company. I signed up and can tell you now it was one of life’s better decisions!

At my age and my fitness trying to find the best slopes and bars and restaurants in a new resort is tiring beyond words and just when you have found the ideal days skiing and stopovers it is time to go home. One of the very best parts of the Ski Safari is not having to think or even know where you are; they are there to do all that sort of thing for you. “Right, we are going to ski down to the start of that button bar over there. Some of us are going to ski this black run to get there, but others can go with David down that red run. Meet you all there in about 20 minutes time” (they could always rely on me to choose the comfortable option!)

There were 10 of us in the group of varying standards, though we could all ski black runs if we had to and so each day progressed with carefully choreographed directions catering for us all. There was always a really good lunch stop which they knew about and also no lack of vino caldo stops if you wanted them. The sheer enjoyment of skiing without the hassle of having to work out where to go and how to get back even made the afternoon skiing an attractive option. The overnight accommodation in mountain top huts was comfortable though basic, but in the most incredible settings that set aside any reservations one might have had. Actually, the standard of accommodation really did not matter a jot for me as as I was tired enough to sleep anywhere after a full days fantastic skiing in the most magical of settings and amazingly enough, eager for that unheard of early morning start the next day as well!

It will be hard for me to ski anywhere ever again without a guide and frankly I would happily ski again with Tim and Lou on their Ski Safaris in the magical Dolomites for ever.

You should try it. I challenge you not to be overwhelmed with memories to last forever.

28 people found this review helpful

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