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Review: Cooking in Sicily

Specialist Holiday - Food & wine


Sicily: scaccia, sun and serious fun

  • By SilverTraveller Alicia

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  • Jun 2013
  • Solo

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If you are reading this you are likely to be a bit of a foodie. Well, this holiday, and its companion holidays in Tuscany, Venice and Puglia are for you. They are on the face of it not that cheap but I have now been on two holidays with Flavours and each time end up bringing euros home as we had our every need taken care of and all food, wine, trips etc are included. I am just planning my third and would highly recommend them!

I first came across them via Silver Travel Advisor when I was thinking about a solo trip. This was my first so I was a bit worried who I would be sharing my precious annual leave with. It has been an unfounded concern and I have had some wonderful, fun and interesting companions. It did attract other foodies who could cook but all levels were catered for, literally!

From the point at which I first contacted the office in Edinburgh, I felt welcomed. This has proved to be genuine and not affected at all. All the team and the hostess on the holiday, spend time in the office and their innovative ideas are encouraged, which means they are trusted to adapt to groups needs on the ground.

Sicily was fun – we laughed a lot – and really relaxing. We had some painters with us who produced an exhibition for us as we had been cooking for them! The villa was stunning and facilities lush. We had our own pool and roof top terrace for pre-dinner drinks.

The highlight trips for me were food related (no surprise there!). Seeing riccota being made in an ancient building, a very old chocolateers, locally made olive oil, Syracuse food market … hungry yet?

The visits also included historical places, managed with minimal fuss and flexed with our groups preferences on the day. We had access to restaurants frequented by locals and sites of interest at times when things were a bit quieter. I provided the additional challenge of being wheat free so was encouraged to experiment making pasta and other local dishes using Italian wheat free flours and alternatives were produced at every meal when we ate out. The local cook leading our sessions taught me Italian for 'disaster' as well as pooling our baking experience to make a delicious Scaccia which is now a favourite for dinner parties.

My friends were, needless to say, very excited when I told them I was going to Venice next, for New Year.

That trip was a 5 day mix of fun, relaxation and plenty of Prosecco. Belini's in Harrys bar, a surprise water taxi down the Grand Canal at night, Treviso … too many wonderful moments to add here.

The usual things are all included such as wireless internet, but if you go, turn the phone off, leave the laptop at home and just go with the flow. You wont regret it and may come home with new skills, a new perspective and a burning desire to do it all again.

14 people found this review helpful

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Other Members' Thoughts - 2 Comment(s)

  • Kenbob
    about 6 years ago
    Sounds like great fun. I would really love a holiday like this.
  • Su
    about 6 years ago
    This sounds a really interesting holiday! My husband would enjoy it I think, he loves learning new cooking skills.
    You will love venice. We visited last September, so much to see and do, and the food and drink aren't bad too!