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Review: Amazon Cruise

Specialist Holiday - Naturist

Amazon River, Peru

Cruising The Head Waters of the Amazon

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  • Nov 2013
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International Expeditions Amazon Cruise begins in Lima, Peru. Guests arrive the day before, after a brief city tour the next morning you depart by plane to Iquitos and board IE's new river boat. The tour in Lima is short and consists of visiting one of the city's squares, a cathedral and catacombs. The tour is conducted efficiently but unimpressive and feels more like a time filler. The cruise changed our entire perception of the Amazon. You cruise south west toward the headwaters of the Amazon and onto the two main tributaries of the Amazon that boarder the Pacaya – Samaira preserve. IE has the distinction of traveling the furthest and deepest into the headwaters. We traveled over 640 miles on the river boat Le Estrella Amazonica and another 180+ miles on 18 passenger skiffs. The tour is the only one that travels as far as ranger station two. Wildlife is everywhere! Twice per day you load into the skiffs and travel up tributaries in search of birds and wildlife. There are three short walks. One to an area of enormous water lilies. A second around ranger station 2. On the third walk we were accompanied by two villagers that went off trail, bringing back various insects, then returning them to where they were found! The walks were slow over easy terrain. Several people with physical limitations were able to handle the walks. No real hiking or even moderate paced walking. If you're going to hike this is not a trip you would want to take. We also visited several villages and had the opportunity to visit a school. IE does an excellent job of being culturally responsible and works with the villages supporting schools and helping with water purification projects. The naturalist guides were both college educated and natives of the region. They were excellent and possessed an in depth understanding of the regions flora and wildlife. The food was excellent consisting mainly of Peruvian dishes, the boat has a bar and the crew provides entertainment in the evening that was quite exceptional! During excursions on the skiffs you have an opportunity to catch Piranha that are served at dinner. During a night excursion we saw a wonderful sunset and searched for aquatic life. At the conclusion of the cruise, we disembarked at Iquitos, had a city tour by bus and were provided day rooms at the best hotel in Iquitos! Later in the afternoon we flew back to Lima and most travelers departed on late return flights. We stayed one night in the Ramada Del Sol Hotel at the airport before returning to Miami the next day.

If you are interested in a low physical impact trip that will afford you an opportunity to see a lot of wildlife, this tour is for you. The accommodations and food are excellent. IE does an excellent job of insuring that you are comfortable the entire time. IE does an excellent job of having people at the airport to meet you and make sure that all your needs are taken care of. We arrived 5 hours late due to a delayed flight from Miami. It was early morning and the IE reps were there to meet us and make sure we were checked into our hotel in Lima. They were polite and courteous…in spite of the time! Returning from Iquitos to Lima, the expedition leader accompanied the group and at Lima another representative was present to insure we were checked into our hotel without problem. They eliminate all travel worries or concerns.

31 people found this review helpful

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    This sounds a marvellous trip. Thank you for sharong.

    Did you need to take anti-malarial tablets?