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Review: The Crown Inn


Northwold, United Kingdom

Avoid - move on in a hurry

  • By SilverTraveller moonchick

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  • Sep 2012
  • Northwold
  • Casual
  • British

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We had just moved to Norfolk, and as we loved within waling distance we decided to sample the delights of our local pub, the Crown Inn in Northwold. The pub itself is quite pretty, with beautifully tended plants and flowers outside, along with a couple of picnic benches, which were occupied with what turned out to be locals. We headed inside and found the menu board which, to my surprise, had two or three vegetarian options. The landlord was friendly enough but the woman standing behind him, almost snorting with impatience, was not. We placed our order, scampi and chips for my husband and soup for me, which, I was informed, rather impatiently, was vegetable.

We were taken aback, to say the least, by how quickly our food arrived (around six minutes); this in itself is not necessarily a good sign, hinting at the possibility that it had been on the back burner, so to speak, for some time. The soup, whilst a lovely warm orangey colour was thick, glutinous and somewhat fibrous, so trying to determine exactly what kind of vegetable(s) had gone into it was difficult. It had quite a pleasant taste, but again, I couldn’t really say what it tasted of, spicy, mainly, and I definitely had one or two pieces of onion skin! The scampi also suffered from a “mystery” taste: that of being slightly “off”. We quietly mentioned this to the young girl who was hovering nearby, and said she would speak to “them in the kitchen”. Before we knew what was happening the unfriendly woman from behind the bar was leaning across our table, pointing a finger at us, and declaring loudly enough for everyone to hear that “There’s nothing wrong with that scampi, I serve it every day and there’s nothing wrong with it. I opened that packet fresh this morning and if you don’t like it there’s nothing I can do about that”. She paused for breath during which we said that it wasn't a case of not liking it, but it actually tasted strange. Much huffing and puffing, and swiping at the table with a towel was followed by a reluctant offer to do "something else". My husband, not wanting to cause this woman any trouble, or make her more angry than she so obviously was, suggested an egg or an omelette whereupon we were told in no uncertain terms “We don’t do eggs on Sunday; this is Sunday Lunch Day”. And off she flew on her broomstick. I hadn't realised that cracking eggs was considered a sin in this part of the world. We were speechless. It’s bad enough that the food was unacceptable, but to be attacked in such a manner by this woman, whom I’m led to believe is the landlady, is totally unacceptable There is no excuse for such belligerence and rudeness, especially when we’d not made a scene, but tried to handle things discreetly. At this point we walked out, leaving our food, paid for, on the table.

The Crown is the only remaining pub in the village of Northwold and has changed hands many times over the years. Maybe the current landlady feels that, as she has the monopoly, she has the right to behave this way because there is nowhere else for customers to go. We had really hoped to make this pub our "local" and would have enjoyed strolling down there on a summers evening, but this has put us off and not only will we never return, we will not recommend it to anyone. I can honestly say this is the worst pub I've ever been in. There shouldbe a sign above the door saying "Enter at Your Peril".

Please note – this review was written in September 2012 when we had just moved to the area in question. We have since re-located to a different part of the country.

87 people found this review helpful

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