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Review: Cawdor Castle Courtyard Cafe


Cawdor, Nairnshire, Scotland, United Kingdom

Expensive and disorganised

  • By SilverTraveller ESW

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  • Sep 2013
  • Cawdor, Highland Region, Scotland
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This is a most disorganised and visitor unfriendly place. It was fairly quiet when we visited and I did wonder how it would cope with a large influx of visitors.

There is a large board with a menu outside the door but few prices on display inside and no menus on the tables. Through the door is a wide corridor with a display cabinet with food and the kitchens behind. This is self service with plated slices of cake wrapped in cling film. It is presumably geared up to the large influx of visitors. None of them appealed. It could have been a very ordinary supermarket cafe. Tea and coffee was at one end.

Through an archway are the scones, tray bakes, doughnuts and muffins as well as some more cakes which are cut to order.

The till is at the far end with the tea room, a rather characterless room with yellow painted walls and cream/deep blue curtains.

Staff were young and lacked interest. There were few staff around, after rattling the counter and shouting I had to ask the girl on the till to refill the hot water jug. (Tea pots were small and only ran to two cups, hence the request for more water). On the plus side, they did have a reasonable selection of herbal teas.

We had a scone each. These were large and knobbly, a sign of a home made scone. They were large, possibly twice the size of a normal scone , although they were dry and very crumbly. They were not freshly baked.

Tea at £2.10 or £2.30 for herbal tea was more expensive than we had paid elsewhere. Cakes at £2.80-£3.99 for a small slice and tray bakes from £1.95-£2.99 were expensive compared with what we had seen elsewhere. According to the menu, sandwiches are priced at £3.75-£4.95. Paninis are £4.99. Wraps are £3.85-£5.10.

For those wanting a more substantial meal, salads are £7.95. The slow baked Maldon sea salted jacket potatoes with salad and coleslaw are probably the best value at £4.85-£5.90.

Overall, we were not impressed by the tea room. The lady’s toilet was difficult to flush and the dribble of water from the taps was pathetic. We felt it let down Cawdor Castle badly.

Be warned it is a long walk from the car park to the castle.

63 people found this review helpful

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