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Review: Inn The Park


London, England, United Kingdom

Hit and Miss but THAT Location!!

  • By SilverTraveller mvigilante

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  • Sep 2012
  • lONDON
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  • British

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Inn The Park is one of those restaurants that is almost impossible to review. When it's good it's fantastic, when it's poor you feel like demanding your money back. To start with it's not even, strictly speaking, a restaurant, it's a CAFE / RESTAURANT. It's not overly luxurious, depending on the fantastic views for it's appeal, and it doesn't open late. In fact most of it's trade I'd imagine comes from the breakfast / lunch trade.

The location and vistas are among the best in London being situated as it is in beautiful St James's Park. And if you pick your seat carefully (not always possible if the waiters are in a 'stressed' frame of mind) you'll get some wonderful photo opportunities including a distant one of the London Eye. You can eat Al Fresco in the warmer months and the windows are very large if you're positioned indoors.

I've had the advantage of being able to pick my time to eat which is an absolute necessity at Inn The Park. Get there at 11.45am and you'll have the pick of the seats, lightening fast service and piping hot food. WITHOUT MISTAKES. At this hour I'd give the restaurant 9 out of 10. Arrive at 12.30pm and you'll be hurried along, not all of your food may be warm and you might find mistakes in both your order and bill. And the waiters tend to be too much under pressure to resolve the matter. Then I'd give it no more than 4 out of 10.

The menu is mainly British, reliable and wholesome. Smoked Ham & Cheese Soldiers, mackerel, potato salad, sirloin steak, that type of fare. Unfussy and delicious when they get it right. It isn't cheap, you wouldn't expect it to be in this part of London. Expect to dip into your pocket to the tune of £5 for a glass of wine (cheap end) and maybe £50 for a full meal. Scrambled eggs with salmon at breakfast time will cost you £9.50 and a freshly squeezed orange juice will add £3.25 to the bill. And that's a healthy option but you'll be far from full. Porridge oats with banana and cobnuts would stretch you another £5.50.

I'd say use it as a tourist for the convenience, the photo opportunities and to a lesser degree, the food and service. Try to avoid peak times because it does get VERY busy. And be prepared for the experience to be good, not fantastic. Like with many restaurants it seems these days, you do have to have patience and resolve to get somewhere near to the standards you expect. Inn The Park can be frustrating and disappointing if you don't demand errors are rectified. At the end of the day they aren't doing you any favours, you're paying for the experience.

126 people found this review helpful

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