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Review: Oceana

Cruise - Ocean Cruise

Debut cruise

  • By SilverTraveller Kathleen-Brown

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  • Jan 2014
  • Partner
  • Regular holiday
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Excellent! Excellent! and once again Excellent!

As first time cruisers; my partner and I were unsure what to expect when we completed an Iberian cruise with P&O.

Initially we were sceptical with the proposed additional daily charge for staff gratuities. However, as the trip progressed; we realised this practice actually saved us money; as we would have given far more to staff, because of the high quality of service.

From the moment we boarded until the time of disembarkation. Staff were courteous and helpful; whilst not overbearing and it was lovely to see so many of them smiling; throughout the day and night.

The food was plentiful and on par with many restaurants we have visited and I am also pretty confident that no one could have gone to bed hungry; as there was a late night eatery for those with night time hunger pangs.

There was a variety of both daytime and evening entertainment; which is tailored to meet varying interests and hobbies. However, my only criticism would be that the theatres do not provide sufficient seating for the popular shows. Make sure you arrive extra early to get a seat; we gave ourselves 30mins but were still too late for even standing room!!

The only place we paid for an excursion was Morocco; as we felt confident enough to use public transport in in Spain, Portugal and Gibraltar. We paid about £60 each for a 4×4 tour of Agadir; which included the coast line and Sahara Desert. We drove through several towns and villages and had an opportunity to see real Moroccan life; we also visited a wild bird reserve and had camel rides on the beach. Lunch was included in this package; although; the restaurant clearly catered for tourists and did not serve those Moroccan spices that most of us were hoping for. It was chicken and potatoes in a bland sauce but at least it was served in a tagine and the décor and seating was traditional and enchanting. The trip also included a visit to an outlet that makes tagines and other beautiful earthenware. I paid £11 for a large colourful tagine and did not bother to haggle, as it was worth at least double the price. I have used it many times since the trip and it is oven proof; dishwasher proof and still has its vibrant colours.

My partner and I absolutely adore our grandchildren. However, we both agree that it was great to be child free, whilst living the 'High Life'. albeit just for 12 nights. This trip is well worth the money and we would definitely recommend it to mature people, as there were very few people under 30 on board. My partner is 62 and I am 52; we will definitely consider using P&O again.

104 people found this review helpful

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