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Review: Independence of the Seas

Cruise - Ocean Cruise

Ship ahoy

  • By SilverTraveller donna-p-parker

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  • Nov 2012
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My partner and I were always busy with all sorts, moving house regularly for one thing, still working at our antique business even though we are both the wrong side of 60 , baby sitting other peoples animals and so on., we just never seemed to take a holiday ,so one day I said to my partner " right were going on a cruise" so I booked The independence of the sea,s it was an all inclusive price,( apart from the alcohol) a good price, it took in the places we wanted to see so in due course we embarked on our cruise liner which in fact was more like a city on the sea, from Southampton bound for the med, we were exited and looking forward to such sights as Pompeii, Cadiz, Rome, The leaning tower of Pisa, Gibraltar, quite an Itinarary. The ship turned out to be very very big, and very full a lot of room was taken up by mobility scooters which seemed to be owned, not by people who could not walk but more by people who did not want to walk. There was no expense spared on the décor and no one could say it wasent stunning and parts of the dining rooms were really glamorous, It was hard to remember that you were actually on a ship more like a shopping moll surrounded by apartments with a hint of Benidorm and Blackpool on the sea, not my idea really of the old movie type romantic cruises where you looked across the ocean peacefully leaning on ships rail in the moonlight. I have to say the food was excellent and we ate well, you would never have to go hungry everything from the ala carte restaurant which you could book, various smaller outlets, some you had to pay for ie like the Italian ,there were coffee bars, sandwiches bars and pattiseries and of course the big help yourself to anything your heart desires type canteen, and all of the staff were first class, even though they sometimes had to put up with very rude people. The hygiene standards on board and entering the ship were first rate and I never saw anything dirty the whole of the18 days, there were cleaners constantly wiping the ships rails and we were met with hand cleansers everywhere we went. Our cabin was very pleasant although personally I would never cruise again without a sea facing window and preferably a balcony as I felt too enclosed. The entertainment on board was surprisingly good, And the ice skating shows were first rate, and as I have spent most of my life as a pro singer I am rather prone to be critical. All in all it would seem this ship has a lot to offer and it does , just not for me, and especially not for my partner , a day or so in we suffered a personal tragedy (well it was to us ) On inspecting the gym with a view to maybe doing something in there ? my partner hit his shin on a very sharp cornered seat which tore off the skin, produced a nasty gash and twisted his hip into the bargain ( end of mobile holiday ) LOOKING BACK NOW PERHAPS WE SHOULD HAVE GONE IN FOR ONE OF THE MOBILITY SCOOTERS ! We spent quite a few hours in the sick bay, for x rays, painkillers, and a pain injection, none of which worked, consequently we were both awake most of the night for the remaining 16 days. We had booked to go on a few excursions ie Pompeii and Rome and had paid so my partner made brave attempts to go, The walk to the coaches was far from easy even if you were well and spritely there was a lot of messing about and no one knew where anyone was supposed to go and it was not well thought out and eventually Rome which turned out to be a whistle stop trip with commentary but no time to get out , which I suppose in the circumstances was fortunate for my partner, as he had hobbled around on the cobbles for some hours in pompeii and had probably reach the peak of his pain threshold. After returning to the ship from quite arduous trips it was good to look forward to a good dinner and a glass of wine, but alas unless you wanted to take out a mortgage the wine was more than expensive, so one could not reasonably afford to drown ones sorrows in drink. We were offered no consolation by the company for our accident , ( what a sharp cornered seat was doing in a gym, on a ship, who only knows? ) the rest of the holiday went by with us sleepily counting the days until we docked, not intil we hit the bay of biscay which certainly woke us up, three days of rolling, around feeling sick , what does one call it mal de mare ? or sea sick and according to the captain 3 days of the worst seas even he had seen in that area( not the ships fault) may I add. We splashed out on a few port and Brandies during this time, after what seemed like forever and a day we eventually docked estatically in Southampton, we could hardly believe it dry land . My partner had a year of ongoing treatment for his injury and still has twinges, we did write to the company and explain in full with pictures taken of the injury and of the seating culprit but they didn't as much as offer us a bottle of wine ( obviously too dear) , as compensation for our horrendous trip we will not be returning to the " THE INDEPENDENCE OF THE SEAS".

137 people found this review helpful

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