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Review: Arcadia

Cruise - Ocean Cruise

Introductory Cruising

  • By SilverTraveller langelei

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  • Jul 2012
  • Adult family
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Never having experienced a cruise we were very recently invited to an introduction day to P&O Cruises on "Arcadia" while she was docked at Southampton. Persuasion was very much the watch word and that was to be expected naturally.

Security was very tight from the outset at "check-in", even down to providing passports as if we were actually taking the next cruise! Being split into groups of approximately 12 people we were despatched with our host representative and from the outset it was a brisk pace which did not bode well for my partner who struggled to keep up with the group while we criss-crossed and constantly went up and down the ship and which meant missing much of the information being given and any questions being asked by others.

The lifts were only able to be used twice and being a rather large vessel it was a considerable hike, even for the fittest of us. The size of cabins was obviously an enormous priority and some seemed positively claustrophobic while others, especially the large luxury suites were, admittedly glorious and made me drool with anticipation. After approximately an hour and a half we were seated in the dining room to sample a lunch/dinner menu.

This was eventually a rather mixed review. The chosen starter of asparagus turned out to be tough and stringy, while the Beef Wellington was tender and delicious. The service itself was more of a let-down – having been the last table to be served we were hurried into completing the meal and we constantly had to attract attention for our requirements.

I have to credit P&O with one thing…their hygiene caution is to be commended; hand sanitizers were all over the ship as in a hospital.

All in all this was NOT a good introduction to cruising for us and as I am reluctant to spend hard-earned savings on a holiday that perhaps we will not appreciate I wonder, even though I would desperately love to experience a lovely, looked after cruise, if this would be the right the choice, considering this experience before we had even sailed!

120 people found this review helpful

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  • Barrowman
    almost 9 years ago
    Hi, firstly let me say that Arcadia is one of my favourite ships in the P&O fleet...

    I've done a few ship visits with different cruise lines and believe me they are all the same - rushed. When you consider that Arcadia would have arrived that morning and would be sailing again later that day it amazes me how they can do ship visits at all.

    If and when you do a cruise all the ships staff will have considerably more time to ensure everything is as perfect as they can make it for you, I have done eight cruises now and have never been disappointed with any of them.

    But like most things in life nothing is perfect, just go with the intention of enjoying it and don't let little niggles ruin it for you - but be warned when you have done one cruise you will hooked - just like we are........

    If you eventually decide to try a cruise may I suggest you consider a 5 day one at least, anything shorter could end up being like a party cruise, not all of them but certainly some do.

    Why not come and register as a forum member, there are lots of cruisers aboard who will be only to happy to answer all your questions..

    Forum Moderator