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Review: MV Spirit of Adventure

Cruise - Expedition Cruise

A cruise to Indonesia on Spirit of Adventure

  • By SilverTraveller Paul-Gray

    5 reviews

  • Nov 2011
  • Solo
  • Regular holiday
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We flew to Singapore from Heathrow overnight. Our plane (British Airways) had broken down and we set off 2 hours late after another aircraft was made available. Our late arrival meant that we missed our sailing time that evening so we sailed at 0500 the next day. However the times were not critical as we had two days at sea before we got to Java and our first port, Semarang. From here many of us went on the optional tour to Borobudur Temple, a magnificent place, built in 824 AD, but which had been buried under volcanic ash, and was only found in 1814. Major restoration was carried out in the 1970s. There was rather a lot of rain during our visit, but we had cover in an excellent restaurent with good food and dancing girls. Our next visit was to Karimunjawa Island (which means "a stone's throw from Java"). Our day was to be spent swimming and snorkelling; however the snorkelling part was not much good as we were not allowed to snorkel over the only interesting part of the reef, and trying to do so from the beach did not work as it was so shallow. Those who swam enjoyed themselves and got sunburnt – it was very hot. We visited six further islands and villages with welcoming dancers and special displays of local produce, carvings, paintings and souvenirs. However the most important visit was the last to see the Komodo Dragons, enormous lizards which are only found on Komodo Island. We were carefully escorted around the well worn paths by guides armed with sticks to keep the dragons away from us. I could not help feeling that the dragons were well used to tourists, and laid on the same "performance" each time! We flew back to UK from Bali with a stopover in Kuala Lumpur, and a tediously long wait there to change planes.

Spirit of Adventure, leaves the Saga fleet in early 2012, and Saga Pearl 2, is renamed Quest for Adventure to carry on the same style developed by Saga for the "younger" market. (Although you would be pushed to discover any difference between the "traditional" Saga passenger and the "adventurous" one!). The ship is comfortable and we had good food and free wine with meals. The lecturers were helpful and informative. We used the ship tenders for many of the landings which were mostly to jetties. Rather a lot of the passengers found great difficulty in getting into and out of the tenders; and inspite of clear warnings from the crew that landings were going to be difficult, these passengers insisted on going ashore thus delaying disembarkation and embarkation. It was a good cruise especially for the visit to the Borobudur Temple and to see the komodo dragons. I am afraid I got a bit fed up with so many villages with welcoming parties and dancers. The weather was excellent, very hot but with an occasional breeze. We also had calm seas, probably the most important part of a cruise!

134 people found this review helpful

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