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Review: Independence of the Seas

Cruise - Ocean Cruise

Cruising with a scooter. Part three the final part.

  • By SilverTraveller Tsarina

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  • Sep 2011
  • Adult family
  • Family holiday
  • Balcony

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Right on to the ports we visited with a scooter or two….

Now we didn't do all the ports because some days I was not up to it but here are the ones we did do. I have to say that our balcony cabin was on the starboard side and this was always the side the ports were on, so if you book a balcony and want to use binoculars or just enjoy waking up and seeing a different port then this is the side to book.

We had no troubles getting the scooters on and off the ship at any port, there were ramps and crew were always on hand and jumped in without being asked to help. I don't think if we had been tendered to any port that we would have been able to get on and off the ship.

Florence, Pisa. There was a disabled shuttle but we had to wait for it and the heat was fierce, so unless you get off early and avoid the sun you will be able to use the shuttle here. We always went DIY because I don't think we could have used any excursion coaches, the European coaches are NOT like the American buses where they drop to the kerb and you can ride straight onto them. So for this reason next time we do a cruise we will be purchasing a Travelscoot (Google) they are not cheap but they will give us the mobility we'll need so we can hop on and off buses or coaches.

So we abandoned Florence as the leaning tower is nowhere near the dock, and this I found to be the case at all the ports.

Ajaccio, Corsica. We disembarked here as we didn't need a shuttle bus to get to the town. We were able to get around fairly easily but we must let it be known that we are thoroughly spoiled in the UK for the state of our paths and sloping kerbs at road junctions. Kerbs in Europe are not so good, we had to go the long way around to a crossing to be able to get our scooters on and off the paths.

Seville, Cadiz. We again were able to get around this town fairly easily they had dropped kerbs but they do have cobbles all the way from the ship to the beginning of the town. So any false teeth should be well glued in

Lisbon. From the ship to the port edge it was smooth but once you got to the edge of the town it was hard going, whoever designed the pathways were not thinking of mobility scooters or wheelchairs. It is doable but the pathways are a kind of zigzag pattern on them and the tyres keep going into the grooves so that makes it abit painful if you have a bad back.

121 people found this review helpful

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